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Then, all at once, his whole body twitched sharply in a sudden spasm, a simultaneous recoil of every muscle. His heart began to beat rapidly, his breath failed him. Broad awake, he sat up in bed. "H'm!" he muttered. "That was a start must have been dreaming, surely."

She's" he paused there an instant and caught his breath "she's pretty fleshy." "Was she nice to you?" "Yes, she was nice. She meant to be real nice and kind. She made me" a spasm twitched his face, and he concluded "she made me play croquet." They stood there in the wood loneliness, dapples of sunlight flickering on them through the leaves.

The change was instantaneous. The pallor of her face turned to a burning red. She clasped her hands with a sudden spasm over her heart. "My mother!" she gasped. "What do you say of her?" "What they say of you that she was a false and wicked wife. Deny it if you can." "No," she said, with an imperial gesture of scorn, "I deny nothing.

He was feeling out the pattern that lay all ready-made on the big and little keys. When he paused for a moment, because the sound was wrong and he wanted another, Miss Nellie spoke softly. He whirled about in a spasm of terror, leaped forward in the dark, struck his head on the open window, and fell screaming and bleeding to the floor. He had what his mother called a fit.

The Duke had brought the horse almost back to camp when the animal was taken with an extraordinarily vicious spasm of pitching, broken by sudden efforts to fling himself down and roll over on his persistent rider. The Duke let him have it his way, all but the rolling, for a while; then he appeared to lose patience with the stubborn beast.

At length the dreadful hour arrived the last slight spasm of death was over, and her spotless soul passed into heaven from the bereaved arms of her hopeless and distracted father, who was reduced by the depth and wildness of despair to a state of agony which might wring compassion from a demon.

Such an operation was first suggested by Brauer of Heidelberg in 1902. The question of the best method of producing anesthesia in this condition of the heart is a serious one. A patient might die during the anesthesia; but he might also die at any time from cardiac spasm. In certain instances, in adults, local anesthesia might be sufficient. Pain reflexes, however, would be serious.

"Who marries her!" Adrienne nervously uttered a loud, harsh laugh, as painful as if it were caused by a spasm. "Who marries her! Then these creatures are married? Ah! they are married They are honored, too, are they not? And because they are more easy of approach, they are thought more beautiful and more agreeable than those who are merely honest wives? Ah! it is too silly! Rosas!

A spasm of pain made her gentle patient face quiver, and Regina remembered that Mrs. Mason's only daughter had married a gentleman connected with the English Board of Missions, and with her husband and babe perished in the Sepoy butchery. Dropping the fragrant geranium sprig that so tormented the cat, the girl's fingers interlaced tightly, and she asked almost under her breath: "Is Mr.

The harm done by examinations, which are specially calculated to appeal to the child's imagination, as, for instance, an X-ray examination, is often clearly apparent. I remember a schoolboy of thirteen who was sent to me because he had constantly complained of severe abdominal pain. He was a nervous child with a habit spasm, the son of a highly neurotic father and an overanxious mother.