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He opened it, and outside in the hall stood Adrienne. Her face was pale, and she leaned a little on the hand which rested against the white jamb. "What does it mean?" she asked. He came over. "It means, Drennie," he said, "that you may make a pet of a leopard cub, but there will come a day when something of the jungle comes out in him and he must go.

With an economy worthy of Silhouette, the scamp had taught Adrienne for that was the beast's name to bray every time he said "Pommes de terre, de terre terre!" As often as he said this, or "Chante, Adrienne, chante!" Adrienne would switch her tail and chante lugubriously, setting the whole neighborhood in commotion.

After Adrienne and Samson had disappeared, he rejoined his companion, a stout, middle-aged gentleman of florid complexion, whose cheviot cutaway and reposeful waistcoat covered a liberal embonpoint. Farbish took his cigar from his lips, and studied its ascending smoke through lids half-closed and thoughtful. "Singular," he mused; "very singular!"

"That's where it is: they envy your happiness, and that which you bestow upon others." "And it is my aunt," cried Adrienne, with indignation, "my aunt, whose whole life has been one long scandal that accuses me in this revolting manner! as if she did not know me proud and honest enough never to make a choice of which I should be ashamed!

Straight across the gymnasium she walked to where Judith, Jane, Christine, Barbara and Adrienne stood, an eager group. "Girls," she said, in a wrathfully impressive voice, "I'm going to stand here beside you. When the announcement of the team is made you'll understand why." "What's the matter, Dorothy?" anxiously questioned Christine.

"I appreciate the delicacy of your scruples, sir," said Adrienne; "but if you knew me, you would address me without fear. How much do you require?" "I do not know, madame," answered Agricola. "I beg your pardon. You don't know what sum?" "No madame; and I come to you to request, not only the sum necessary to me, but also information as to what that sum is."

'After all, said I, 'it is only restitution, and my delicacy perhaps exaggerates this breach of trust." "You could not have done a better action," said Adrienne; "and, for my part, because of the interest I feel for M. Dagobert I take it as a personal favor.

Seeing Hebe in her fresh and pretty costume, bringing her a long bathing gown, hanging upon a bare and dimpled arm, Adrienne said to her: "Where is Florine, my child?" "Madame, she went downstairs two hours ago; she was wanted for something very pressing." "Who wanted her?" "The young person who serves Madame as secretary.

"Madame " began the princess, angrily. "Permit me to interrupt your highness," returned Adrienne, in a tone of perfect amenity, as if she were addressing the most flattering compliments to her visitor.

Adrienne must go out of town, and I'm going to run down to some little country place and find rooms for her and Mrs. Adams." "Find rooms?" Diana stared at him amazedly. "But surely won't they go to Red Gables?" Max shook his head. "No. It wouldn't be safe after this this affair. The same brute might try to get her again. You see, it's quite well known that she has a house at Crailing."