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"You can't lead a pack-hoss fifty miles from this creek without losing your hair, neighbor." "I can! I will!" wrathfully replied Dale. "I've traded for years with the Indians. I never yet went to them with a gun in my hand. If ever I need protection, they'll protect me. They are my friends. This war is all wrong. You can have it if you insist.

"But where's it all gone to?" asked the Doctor. The Eterædarium solemnly pointed to the children. "Pigs!" declared the Dodo, wrathfully. "Here, who are you calling pigs?" demanded Dick, getting up angrily. "Well, I must say that it was exceedingly greedy of you to devour all of the breakfast," said the Doctor, reprovingly. "But we didn't," said Dick.

Soon he learnt all that had happened, and wrathfully he cried: "You are too honest for those wise gentlemen in the House of Seti, and too pure and zealous for the rabble here. I knew it, I knew what would come of it if they introduced you to the mysteries. For us initiated there remains only the choice between lying and silence."

The hideous creature crept toward me, cringing and fawning, making signs of humble goodwill and servile obeisance. Again I recoiled wrathfully, loathingly, turned my face homeward, and fled on. I thought I had baffled his chase, when, just at the mouth of the thicket, he dropped from a bough in my path close behind me.

Edward wrathfully laid the usurpations of the new primate before parliament, and forced Peckham to withdraw all the canons dealing with secular matters, and particularly those which concerned the Great Charter.

"If he but felt as bad as he hath made me feel " began Nick, wrathfully; but she laid her little hand across his mouth. It was a very white, soft, sweet little hand. "Come," said she; "thou art hungry, and it hath made thee cross!" and, with no more ado, took him by the hand and led him down the corridor into a large room where the last daylight shone with a smoky glow.

"Stand aside, fool!" cried the brother wrathfully. "Nay, but I am to bring good fortune to the bride by accompanying her through the church-doors," said Robin laughing. Thereupon he was allowed to walk by her side unmolested, up to the chancel with the party. "Now strike up your music, fellow!" ordered the Bishop. "Right gladly will I," quoth Robin, "an you will let me choose my instrument.

The high-priest repelled the suspicion with his usual dignity, and went on to adjure Caesar not to visit on an industrious and dutiful community the sins of a light-minded girl's base folly and falsehood. But Caracalla would not suffer him to finish; he wrathfully inquired who had given him a right to force his advice on Caesar.

Can he play half-back better than I do? I'm not from Missouri, but, all the same, I want to know; for it's going to settle a question I've had in my mind a long time. Cut in, now!" exclaimed Tony, wrathfully. "He's all to the good," replied the other, grimly, "and when I say that, disliking the fellow as I do, you can understand it means something.

"I think I would go to her, if I were you, Muriel. Those girls are a disgrace to Sanford." "Let's all go," proposed Harriet Delaney, wrathfully. "I'd rather do that than stay and be murdered." Marjorie stood regarding her players with brooding eyes. She smiled faintly at Harriet's vehement utterance.

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