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"I thought I was paying you a compliment, but perhaps it's a sore point. Where's the flaw, kid?" "The flaw?" "Yes, what is it knotty knees? It certainly isn't thick ankles." Flamby had much ado to preserve composure; momentarily her thoughts became murderous.

Sir Galahad questioned. "I have made you answer to question that should concern you but little. What ado wish you to make of it?" "Only that the horse goes to this yeoman so that he can bring him to his rightful owner." The other laughed aloud. "I wot, strange knight, I wonder well how you can do this thing when I am here to say you nay.

He shivered slightly, as if with the sudden blast of cold, humid air, but he stepped quietly into the cart, closely followed by Juliette. The strong escort of the National Guard, with Commandant Santerre and his two drummers, had much ado to keep back the mob.

With some ado she quieted him, and he fell asleep again. Next morning the king summoned her, and asked whether she had obeyed his orders. "Yes," said she, "but thou didst frustrate thine own counsel." Then the king assembled his sages, and bade her tell all that she had attempted; and the husband, too, was fetched, to tell his story.

The old man's dogmatic ways vexed and irritated Shenac many a time; even Hamish had much ado to keep his patience and the thread of his argument at the same time; but Allister never lost his temper, and if the old man grew bitter and disagreeable, as he sometimes did, the best cure for it was Allister's good-humoured determination not to see it, and so they always got on well together.

"Yes, he's here," they heard him say. "Of course you can speak to him. He's just inside. Won't you step in?" Then without further ado, and with utter disregard of Celestina's rumpled apron, the door opened and the little inventor ushered into the string-entangled sitting room a dainty, city-bred girl in a sport suit of white serge.

Darwin, who was just such another practical and genial thinker, and who was distinctly a pupil of Buffon, though a most intelligent and original one if an organ after a reasonable amount of inspection appeared to be useless, it was to be called useless without more ado, and theories were to be ordered out of court if they were troublesome.

Turning to Sir Bernard, he said, "She tore off your disguise and declared that she would go to the police and tell the truth of the whole circumstances how that you had induced her to go to the house in Kew and kill her husband. You saw that your game was up if she were not silenced; therefore, without further ado, you sent the poor woman to her last account."

She had forgotten West, and Allen, and Blizzard, so that when the first-named knocked, she had some ado to come out of the clouds and recall what they had been talking about. Then, not wishing to drive West into a lie, she said only: "Have you the man's description?" "He is not," said West gravely, "a man in your station in life.

I should like, too, to see the town's theatrical reviewers, who are accustomed to see "Haupt und Statsaction" in vaudevilles twice a week, stand with their eye-glasses to their eyes, before such a play, which, without more ado, would swamp all their critical ideas and inkstands, and show them death and horror in real downright earnest.