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They sprinted up to the rapidly increasing crowd, and wriggled, boylike, past obstructing arms and between tense bodies until they found themselves in the inner line of the circle. A carp of a size sufficient to excite the envy of the neighboring fishermen lay with laboring gills upon the water-spattered planking.

"If him me get, he sure kill, after floggee," he exclaimed; "oh! him poor black feel de whip even now," and he wriggled and rubbed his shoulders about, as if undergoing the torture he believed his late master would have inflicted.

He now wriggled away under cover of Hope's dialogue and lighted the fuse, then he came flying back to get safe out of the mine, and leave Hope in his death-trap. But in the meantime Grace Hope came down in the cage, and caught sight of her father and came screaming to him, "Father, father!" "You here, my child!" "There's a plot to murder you!

Occasionally they would shout to some boy to stop the animal, but he always wriggled past and ran on as before. "Let me take your hand, darling," said Jude. "You are getting out of breath." She gave him her now hot hand with apparent willingness, and they trotted along together. "This comes of driving 'em home," she remarked. "They always know the way back if you do that.

The mass split; gaunt wolves leaped high to fall back dead; others wriggled and limped away; others dragged their hind quarters; others darted at the tepee. "No more cartridges!" yelled Jones. The giant grabbed the ax, and barred the door of the tepee. Crash! the heavy iron cleaved the skull of the first brute. Crash! it lamed the second.

They twisted, and turned, and wriggled their bodies about; but both still managed to keep upon their feet. The contest was not carried on in any particular spot, but all over the raft; up against the mast, around the empty casks, among the osseous relics of humanity, the strewed bones rattling against their feet as they trod over them.

He searched the sides for support on which to climb to the crevices, but the rotting vines and moss that lined the walls gave at his touch, and he fell back discouraged. Something crumbled under his body, and he discovered to his horror that he had fallen on a skeleton. A man had been here before him, then? Snakes and worms wriggled out of the skeleton, and Piang shrank back in fear.

"When Ned comes back he'll shoot you like vermin." On which they both heard horses, and both, according to their abilities Benjamin in the mud, and Harry keeping a sure hold of him wriggled to look for them. Harry laughed. It was certainly not a returning Ned. These horses came from the other way, and there were four of them and each had a rider.

"Oh, Joel!" Joel wriggled all over with delight at that "Oh, Joel!" "And now come back and tell us the rest," said Polly, hanging to his brown hand. "Go on, Joel," as they sat down again on the doorstep. "Well, he looked at me, and I looked at him," said Joel, "and then I said 'Squish! and he bobbed down his head, just a minute, and I jumped and I grabbed him by the neck, and that's all, Polly."

'It strikes me, said he, putting down the lamp, 'our friend Imray has come back. Oh! you would, would you? There was a movement under the cloth, and a little snake wriggled out, to be back-broken by the butt of the mahseer-rod. I was sufficiently sick to make no remarks worth recording. Strickland meditated, and helped himself to drinks.

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