"Poor, poor Roland!" said my mother, through her tears. "And to think that father and son were not reconciled! But Roland forgives him now, oh, yes, now!" "It is not Roland we can censure," said my father, almost fiercely; "it is But enough; we must hurry out of town as soon as we can: Roland will recover in the native air of his old ruins." We went up to bed mournfully.

In lieu of speech, she left with the sheriff a pathetic document wherein she protests her innocence of all offence against the King, and forgives her enemies specifically the judge, who prejudiced her case, and forgot that "the Court should be counsel for the prisoner," and Colonel Penruddock, "though he told me he could have taken those men before they came to my house."

He says that her kicks are such poems that he forgives her everything when he thinks of them, but when she danced that night, Jimmie was so tickled by the excitement and polite interest she created in her primitive audience, that he stretched himself out on the bench in such shrieks of laughter that even Bee grinned at him, while I simply passed away.

True, Joshua and his people have sinned, and that since their restoration, and Satan had a good argument in pointing to these transgressions; but God does not say, 'I will put back the half-burned brand in the fire again, since the evil is not burned out of it, but forgives again, because He has forgiven before.

"He declares in this not once, but over and over again that He forgives, freely and fully all who come to Him; that their sins and iniquities are blotted out and remembered no more; that `though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool; that His pardon is a free gift, without money and without price!

"Madame," replied Bassompierre with a gay smile, "you have filled my hands so amply that I am sure of making a successful bargain. But have I no similar commission with regard to M. d'Epernon?" "Ah, would that I could hope so much," said Marie gloomily; "but I have wounded his vanity, and he never forgives."

But she, although she forgives, will not receive him again on the old footing, and he drives off with his handsome adventuress wife, and Jane loves and is married to Mr. Follett. The story is told with great and yet with very simple skill, and the characters of the few personages are revealed rather than portrayed. And by the way, we remark upon Mrs.

"Think of the innocent child who never did you wrong, and who suffers too. Think of the dear Lord who forgives your sins. Pray to him. He will help you to forgive her," urged the good angel, but in fainter tones, for the black angel spoke louder, and thrust between with his fierce voice. "The thing is settled. Why talk of prayer or pardon? Let her go her way."

I therefore acknowledge and confess that I was aware of his conspiracy. I did my utmost to prevent it, to deter him from it. He believed me to be his only and faithful friend, and I would not betray him. Therefore, I condemn myself by the very laws which were set forth by my father, who, I hope, forgives me." At these words, the two friends precipitated themselves into each other's arms.

It is too soon yet to speak so. It is never right to speak so. There is no knowing till next Christmas, nor even then, that Nipen forgives; and the first twenty-four hours are not over yet. Pray do not speak any more, Oddo." "Well, not about that. But what was it exactly that you thought Hund would do with this boat and those people?