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"Well," he said slowly, "''was a ittle boy, an' him said to hims mover, can I go down in the deep foresh all by myself, an' she told him no. And'" here Max paused very impressively till he had collected the eyes of all his audience "'he went. An' he walked along, an' he walked along, an' he walked along, an' he met'" another pause, calculated to thrill his listeners "'a snake.

I invoke no Acheron to overwhelm him in the whirlpools of its muddy gulf. I do not tell the respectable mover and seconder, by a perversion of their sense and expressions, that their proposition halts between the ridiculous and the dangerous. I am not one of those who start up, three at a time, and fall upon and strike at him with so much eagerness that our daggers hack one another in his sides.

Michael's Church at South Tredegar, a liberal contributor, and a prime mover in a plan to tear down the old building and to erect a new one more in keeping with the times and South Tredegar's prosperity. Yet he was careful to draw the line between religion as a means of grace and business as a means of making money. "That is your mother's wish, I suppose: and it's a worthy one; very worthy.

Everything that moves, necessarily has a mover, either outside, like the hand moving the stone, or inside like the animal body, which consists of a mover, the soul, and a moved, the body proper. Every mobile of the last kind is called a self-moving thing. This means that the motor element in the thing is part of the whole thing in motion.

Miss Cameron may work off a full demerit, and before the Christmas Holidays, for being the prime mover in this orgy, I am told about," said Mrs. Tellingham, bitingly. "I understand there are some extenuating circumstances in the case of Ruth Fielding. She will have one-half mark against her record to be worked off, of course.

When this happeneth, rest ye in your homes and remain patient as we have remained patient. As soon as the Mover moveth make ye haste to attain unto Him, even though ye have to crawl over the snow.’ I implore pardon of God for Myself and for all things related to Me and affirm, ‘Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds’. Extracts From Another Epistle To Muḥammad Sháh

'Yes, said he solemnly; 'but we were only instruments, like the axes in our hands; and the vengeance, therefore, fell upon the prime mover.

"Strange," he said to himself, "that the heat of the mover aids not the movement;" and so, blundering near the truth, he laboured on. Sibyll, meanwhile, seated herself abstractedly on a heap of fagots piled in the corner, and seemed busy in framing characters on the dusty floor with the point of her tiny slipper.

In 1854 Johnston, the Conservative Opposition leader in the Nova Scotia legislature, presented a motion in these terms: 'Resolved, That the union or confederation of the British Provinces on just principles, while calculated to perpetuate their connection with the parent state, will promote their advancement, increase their strength and influence, and elevate their position. This resolution, academic in form, but supported in a well-balanced and powerful speech by the mover, drew from Joseph Howe, then leader of the government, his preference for representation in the British House of Commons.

He had been the originator of, or at least the chief mover in, working-men's colleges, schemes for the higher education of women, for the protection of the weak and the oppressed.