"Then he began 'splainin' that the 'riginal lines was drawed wrong and that old man Shanders's land, Luke's father, run to the brook and took in all the white oak on the wife's lot and " The buzzard sprang to his feet and shrieked out: "Your Honor, I object to this rigmarole. Tell the jury right away" and he faced the prisoner "what you know about this glass of whiskey.

Why, I warn't to blame now, was I? I can't make everybody do jest right and pay regular, can I? So ye see it goes, boys, gettin' yer bread by the sweat o' your brow; and sometimes sweatin' and not gettin' yer bread. That 'ere's what I call the cuss, the 'riginal cuss, that come on man for hearkenin' to the voice o' his wife, that 'ere was what did it.

He knows some Latin, Haley does," added the boy. "What's Latin, Janice?" "Nothing that will help him in the least to teach the Poketown School," declared his cousin, rather sharply for her. "Isn't that ridiculous! What can that old minister be thinking of?" "The Elder's great on what he calls 'the classics," said Mr. Day, with a chuckle. "He reads the Bible in the 'riginal, as he calls it.

Brimblecom was studying the letter, Mrs. Hodgkins had sallied forth to tell the great news, that the visitor was expected, and as she passed the village store, old Mr. Simpkins, in the doorway, was taking leave of Silas Barnes. "Yes, sir, he's a great feller, he is. There ain't another as 'riginal as he is on the globe, I bet ye.

I know yer've maybe hearn on it, leastways Milly has; but den she mayn't have hearn de straight on it, fur 'taint eb'y nigger knows it. Yer see, Milly, my mammy was er 'riginal Guinea nigger, an' she knowed 'bout de wushin'-stone herse'f, an' she told me one Wednesday night on de full er de moon, an' w'at I'm gwine ter tell yer is de truff."

Wal, now, what d'ye say shall we go up to Scott's Bay, or will ye contenoo on to Petticoat Jack, an accomplitch the riginal vyge as per charter party?" The boys said nothing, but looked at Tom as though referring the question to him. "As far as I am concerned," said Tom, who noticed this reference to him, "it's a matter of indifference where we go, so long as we go out of sight of this island.

"Have after them, then," said another of the company. "We want no more wars, to be taking our cows and killing our pigs. After them, I say!" "You haven't got no warrant, 'Riginal," said a more cautious old man. "Best be on the safe side. Go after constable first, and raise the hue-and-cry. You'll easy overtake them. Breakneck Hill be sore for horseflesh."

I don't know what I'll be doin' with you so 'riginal an' smart. Why, you'll quit keepin' an old man's company like me. I won't be able to entertain you at all. But, as I was sayin', the next thing he knows, he'll be one of the family." "So me an' Kathleen, we soon got spoony an' wanted to marry.

Ye 're the 'riginal Doctor Carver, yer long-legged, sputtering lunk-head. Yer crow like a rooster thet 's just found its voice. Now, look yere; I reckon it's brain-work what's got ter git us out o' this yere hole, an' I 'll shore have ter furnish most o' that, fer yer ain 't got none ter spare, as ever I noticed.

Understand, he's still got the 'riginal brown paper package with him. The next thing he does is, he hires a cab, and has himself druv around to the department store he was at before. He gets the things he bought there, an' puts 'em on the cab, an' has himself druv on to the grocer's an' provision dealer's, an' gets the packages he bought there, an' has them put in the cab.