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"'Specs little Miss is powerful lonesum 'thout Mass Lennux?" The soft voice was full of a genuine regret. Evadne sank down on a bench which stood near by and burst into tears. "Oh, Pompey, I wish I could die!" "'Specs little Miss hez no call ter wish dat," said Pompey gently. "'Specs de Lord Jesus wants her to live fer him." Evadne opened her eyes in wonder. "'The Lord Jesus," she repeated.

There ain't no man livin' ez hez, so to speak, more fast horses ready saddled for riding, and more fast men ready spurred to ride 'em, whether to win his races or run his errands. There ain't no man livin' ez knows better how to make other men's games his, or his game seem to be other men's.

"You see," answered Jim gloomily, "thar ain't a galoot in this yer crowd ez knows jist WHAT'S in that hoss! And them ez suspecks daren't say! It wouldn't do for to hev it let out that the Judge hez a Morgan-Mexican plug that's killed two men afore he got him, and is bound to kill another afore he gets through! Why, on'y the week afore we kem up to you, that thar hoss bolted with me at camping!

You let it git 'round that Cap'n A. K. P. is goin' off on a Chiny voyage, and you'll see half a dozen old shays to onct, hitched all along his fence of an arternoon, and wimmen inside the house, to git Cap'n A. K. P. to take their boys. But you let Cap'n Thomas give out that he wants boys, and he hez to glean 'em from the poor-house, and from step-mothers, and where he can: the wimmen knows!

"Good cap'n Cap'n Thomas," one of his neighbors had said of him. "Allers gits good ships never hez to go huntin' 'round for a vessel. But it is astonishin' what differences they is! Now there's Cap'n A. K. P. Bassett, down to the West Harbor.

Yer shore hez got a signboard cross de passway. Jes look a' dat now! What yer 'spect it mout be, cousin?" said Berry, stopping short and pointing to the board hung on the fence. "'Clar, I dunno," said Nimbus, as he strode forward and leaned over the fence to get a sight of the other side of the board. "'Spec' it must be some of dem Ku Kluck's work, ez Cynthy says."

It's the opposite uv hindsight, but I ain't made the acquaintance uv perception." "Perception is what you see after you think, and I know that you're a man who thinks." "Thank you, colonel, but I reckon that in sech a war ez this a man hez jest got to set right plum' down, an' think sometimes. It's naterally forced upon him.

That Ben Dabney?" "Yes; he's Daubigny, who bought the title from us." There was a momentary hush, and then a hurried murmur. "Which means, gents," rose Uncle Ben's voice persuasively, "that this yer young man, though fair-minded and well-intended, hez bin a leetle too chipper and previous in orderin' out the law. This yer ain't no law matter with ME, boys.

Ye needn't fear but that she kin keep up that gait ez long ez Hiram McKinstry hez the runnin' of her." Mr. Ford gazed hopelessly at the hideous ranch in the distance, at the sky, and the trail before him; then his glance fell upon the hand still upon his shoulder, and he struggled with a final effort. "At another time I'd like to have a long talk with you about your daughter, Mr. McKinstry."

Dat mus' be de church, Berry. Den I members 'bout de Ku Kluckers, an' I sez ter myself agin, sez I, 'Berry, dem rascals hez come ter Red Wing an' is raisin' de debble dar now, jes dere own way. Den I runs de mule and de carryall inter de woods, 'bout a mile down de road, an' I takes out Bre'er 'Liab's gun, dat I'd borrered fer company, yer know, an' hed got some cattridges fer, ober at Lewyburg, an' I comes on ter take a han' in ef dar wa'n't no danger, yer know, honey.