Can I trust you to stay there and not get on board any train but the one which goes to Amity?" "Yes, you can," said Maria, with the same docility which was born of utter weariness and the subjection to a stronger will. She went into the waiting-room and bought her ticket, then sat down on a settee in the dusty, desolate place and waited.

I do not work for Smith & Jones. That you can count on." "Very well then, here are your instructions." He looked at the paper I handed him with a certain degree of care, then stepped into the waiting-room and threw it into the stove, saying in a low tone: "So much in case I should meet with some accident: have an apoplectic fit, or anything of that sort." "But "

I asked if I mightn't go into the shade, into the waiting-room, anywhere out of the terrible sun, for I was positively dripping after the first half hour of it, and his answer to that and to anything else I said in protest was always the same: "Krieg ist Krieg. Mund halten." There was no reason why I shouldn't be in the shade, except that he had power to prevent it.

Enough harm has been done already; do not let us make it any worse." "Certainly not, sir. I am heartily sorry for what has occurred," and beckoning to Frank, who was still seated at the solicitors' table, he retired with him to a waiting-room. "Thank goodness, Julian, you have got out of that scrape." "Thank goodness, indeed, Frank.

In spite of the lateness of the hour, there were a good many persons moving in and out of the station. Duvall got out and motioned to Grace and Leary to do the same. "We will all go in by different doors," he explained, "and meet in the general waiting-room. If the women are not there, Mrs. Duvall will look through the women's room.

Prissy Atterbury was hurrying to a train that would take him for a week-end visitation to people who hated him but needed him to cancel a female bore with. As Prissy saw it and described it, Dyckman came into the big waiting-room alone, looked about everywhere, paused, turned back for Charity Coe; then walked away with her, followed by their twinned porters.

The exhaustion caused by her emotional grief, and her wearisome journey, made her feel hollow and faint. She sank down on a seat in the waiting-room, sadly conscious of her lonely and desolate situation. She tried to summon anew her natural pluck and independence. "Marjorie Maynard!" she said, to herself, and then stopped, overwhelmed by the thought that she had no right even to that name!

Larsen's study was in the church, and that he was waiting for them there. Mr. Larsen received them very cordially. The furniture in his study was so new and the pictures were so heavily framed, that Thea thought it looked more like the waiting-room of the fashionable Denver dentist to whom Dr. Archie had taken her that summer, than like a preacher's study.

He fell at once into Miles's hands, and was ushered through the front stairs passage and into the front stairs waiting-room, with much external courtesy. Miles Grendall was very voluble. Did Mr Longestaffe want to see Mr Melmotte? Oh; Mr Longestaffe wanted to see Mr Melmotte as soon as possible! Of course Mr Longestaffe should see Mr Melmotte.

Pray attribute my rudeness to over-anxiety and over-fatigue. I wish you good-evening." The station was by this time almost a solitude, the passengers by the train being assembled at the examination of their luggage in the custom-house waiting-room. It was no easy matter, ostensibly to take leave of Mr. Bashwood, and really to keep him in view.