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Let us increase the list by assuming that angles or squares thus marked are different letters from those of the same shape in which no dots or sketches occur, and we bring the list up to twenty. That is better. The dotted or otherwise marked squares or angles are separate characters. Now, which one of these appears most frequently? The square, which we have already decided must be either a or i.

He religiously preserved the scraps of paper, on which he had seen the music of the Stabat-Mater dotted down before his eyes, and brought them with him to France in 1752, at which period he was sent for by the Marquis de Marigny, after an absence of twenty years. Vernet's love for music procured Grétry a hearty welcome, when the young composer came to Paris.

I must join this young and thriving colony. Hence this settled look." He waved his hand abroad. Dotted over the low, rounded hills of the charming landscapes were new and modern bungalows. They were spaced widely, and each was flanked by an advertising board and guarded by a pair of gates shutting their private thoroughfares from the country highways. Between them showed green the new crops.

The ground was dotted all over the patch with small holes where the hungry swarms, not satisfied with the tops, had followed the stems down into the earth, eating out the bulbs to the very taproots. They drove the cattle across to the usual feeding place, but the grasshoppers flew up in continuous clouds before every moving object, and it was impossible for them to eat.

Tents dotted their line of march for an hour as they walked along keeping parallel with the road, but some distance from the highway. "This road will eventually lead across the Greek border," the girl whispered as they walked along. "Here's hoping we get across the border before the Bulgarians get after us," said Chester. "Second that motion," declared Hal. They walked on in silence.

In a moment the situation, so flattering to Senator Hanway, was changed disastrously. Those winds which builded him into the most imposing sand-cone of all that dotted the plains of party had shifted, and with mournful effect. Senator Hanway, beneath their erosive influence, shrunk from a certainty to a probability, from a probability to a possibility, and then wholly disappeared.

And so, with one thing and another, the winter finally merged into spring, the soft rains melting away the snow, and giving the brown earth its chance to turn to tender green. And the swollen river was dotted with cakes of ice, among which the wild ducks dropped on their way South where, it was to be hoped, Slim had recovered from his miseries.

As I stood and peered away from one mountain and hill to another, at the gray and sunburnt rocks, jagged ledges, precipices and the second growth of scrubby timber, that dotted here and there and grew on the sides of hills, where it was too stony and steep for cultivation, it astonished me.

It's an all-fired shame she happened to be in your house, cap'n, that's all I've got to say about it. It's a thunderin' shame." Captain Eli made no answer. He still sat with his elbows on his knees and his hands in his hair. "A better course than you laid down fer these Christmas times was never dotted on a chart," continued Captain Cephas.

The main dome was three times the size of the others. Supporting pillars, one hundred feet in diameter, seemed vague where they touched the ceiling above. Parks covered most of the ground, dotted here and there by amusement buildings and theaters. Cars whizzed back and forth, as people gathered to see the strangers. For the first time in generations the amusement buildings were deserted.

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