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The day was a mild one for the time of year, and the curtains of the litter were open. Inside sat a number of ladies. With a start, I recognized two of the faces. One was Mlle. d'Arency's; the other was the Queen-mother's. Mlle. d'Arency was narrating something, with a derisive smile, to Catherine, who listened with the slightest expression of amusement on her serene face.

"My watch hath neither been vigilant, safe, nor honourable. The Banner of England has been carried off." "And thou alive to tell it!" said Richard, in a tone of derisive incredulity. "Away, it cannot be. There is not even a scratch on thy face. Why dost thou stand thus mute? Speak the truth it is ill jesting with a king; yet I will forgive thee if thou hast lied."

That Religion in all its successive forms, from the rudest Fetishism up to the sublimest Christian Monotheism, has been the natural and genuine product of human intelligence, working ever onward and upward to a still higher stage of development, that its existence was inevitable, and its influence, on the whole, highly beneficial, and that, even when it shall have passed away, society will still be largely indebted to it for the impulse, yet unspent, which it has imparted to the cause of civilization and progress, all this is admitted and even maintained by M. Comte, in direct and often derisive opposition to the theorists who once ascribed its origin to fraud, and its prevalence to priestcraft; nay, he elevates it to the rank of a primordial and indispensable element of human progress, a necessary and legitimate result of the great law of human development.

Nevill Tyson had heard; she gave a queer little fluttering laugh that was meant to be derisive and ended like a sob. "If you went away, both of you," said she, "I might feel better." They went away and left them. From that moment Mrs. Nevill Tyson was no longer bent upon dying. She had conceived an immense hope that old, old hope of the New Life.

“I beg your pardon, sir,” replied Westby urbanely. “If I have wounded your sensibilities—I would not do thatneverjamaispas du tout.” Irving said nothing; it seemed to him that Westby always had the last word; it seemed to him as if Westby was always skillfully tripping him up, executing a derisive flourish over his prostrate form, and then prancing away to the cheers of the populace.

"Let me get out," he said sullenly. "With pleasure presently," Wingrave answered. "I can assure you that I am not anxious to detain you longer than necessary. Only you must first answer my question." "I want to speak to her! I shall follow her about until I can!" the young man declared. Wingrave glanced at him with a faint derisive smile.

There he was, stealing along in the shadow, trying to reach the goal before they saw him. A derisive haw announced his discovery. Then the fun began again, as noisy, as confusing, as thoroughly enjoyable as ever. When the bright object dropped this time, curiosity to get possession of it was stronger than my interest in the game. Besides, the apples were waiting.

As to poor Patch, feeling that his indiscretion might place him in great jeopardy and seriously affect his master, to whom he was devotedly attached, he cast a piteous and imploring look at his antagonist, but was answered only by a derisive laugh, coupled with an expressive gesture to intimate that a halter would be his fate.

Pity me, rather! pity this wretched heart that longs to curse God and die! Nay, I want not your idle words. Can good destroy? Can love persecute? I was a worm that turned. What then? Why not have crushed me to annihilation? Oh, no, not that! He took me up and shook me before the world, clipped me, and let me fall. A derisive Deity, why, the words give each other the lie! Stop!

The derisive banter was an unintentional notification that he could expect to be murdered immediately after the finding of the lost lode. But until then he must continue to play the dupe. "I must confess I do not fancy your Western jokes," he said. "You have spoiled a perfectly good canteen."

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