From this circumstance arises that curious phænomenon, the truth of which I have been more than once witness to, that venesection will often instantaneously relieve those nervous pains, which attend the cold periods of hysteric, asthmatic, or epileptic diseases; and that even where large doses of opium have been in vain exhibited.

I own that they were terror-inspiring, and I was very glad each time when they ceased. It was nearly dawn when once more that hideous war-whoop was heard, and instantaneously the snow-clad ground before us was covered with the dark forms of our foes, streaming out from the forest and climbing up the height towards us.

Emily stood listening till she was sure John Mortimer had left her house, then she said something that was meant to serve for an answer, got away as soon as she could, ran up-stairs, hurried to her own room, and locked the door. "Not alone!" was her first startled thought, but it was so instantaneously corrected that it had scarcely time to shape itself into words.

My colleague, availing himself of the dimness of light, as the two passed into a lane which led to the agent's apartment, contrived to keep close behind and listen to their conversation; but of this he heard nothing, only, when at the end of the lane, the rich man turned abruptly, shook his companion warmly by the hand, and parted from him, saying, 'Never fear; all shall go right with you, my dear Victor. At the sound of that name 'Victor, my colleague's memories, before so confused, became instantaneously clear.

Reuter who now addressed me, and stood close beside me; and when I had bowed with instantaneously recovered sang-froid for I am not easily embarrassed I commenced the conversation by remarking on the pleasant aspect of her little cabinet, and the advantage she had over M. Pelet in possessing a garden.

She had apprehended almost instantaneously that whatever their motives were underneath, her future husband's family were going to act the part of receiving her for herself. It was a little ridiculous, but very well bred, and she must fall in with it when with them collectively like this.

'How do you see? 'Tusk, tush. The silly ring of her voice and the pathless tattle changed; she talked to suit her laden look. 'You hit it. I come from Dudley. He knows the facts. I wish to serve you, in every way. Victor's head had lifted. 'Who was it? 'No enemy. 'Her mother. She did rightly! 'Certainly she did, said Victor, and he thought that instantaneously of the thing done.

The squirrel incontinently disappeared from the spot on which it stood, and almost instantaneously reappeared on the topmost branch of a high tree; while the young man gave a smile of satisfaction, threw the rifle over his shoulder, and, turning round, strode rapidly away in the direction whence the shot proceeded.

The mysterious power which enabled the Martian to project the waves, compared with our electricity as the telegraph does with the stage-coach. Was it strange that I stood aghast, as my mind slowly comprehended the enormous distance which that voice had traversed almost instantaneously?

"I'll still take a horse, any day." He was not so cocksure, half an hour later, on an open road, when a siren whistle wailed behind him, and before the sound had died away, Eugene's car, coming from behind with what seemed fairly like one long leap, went by the runabout and dwindled almost instantaneously in perspective, with a lace handkerchief in a black-gloved hand fluttering sweet derision as it was swept onward into minuteness a mere white speck and then out of sight.