His uncle gained great ascendency over the Peishwa, and his death was a fortunate circumstance. Still, it is certain that the prince, until his powers are matured, will yield to the advice of those to whom the conduct of affairs is entrusted. "Now, I am going to the palace, and have requested a private audience with Mahdoo Rao, and I will take you with me."

"The Arab, Makar Makalo, is the ringleader, sir," said Melton, "but he is only acting for Rao Khan, the Emir of Harar, who has long desired the port of Zalia." "A swift retribution will come," replied the colonel, "but it will come too late to aid us." No person seemed inclined to talk.

"Scindia's army was to march this morning," he said, "and his horsemen will be here by tomorrow evening, at latest." They rode to Satara, where Nana had arranged to stop until he received news, from Purseram Bhow, as to the course of events at Poona; and two days later a messenger rode in, with news that Scindia had arrived near Poona, and had had a friendly interview with Bajee Rao.

And they talked noisily and agreeably concerning man-affairs until Rao gravely announced that dinner was served. It was only then, during the lull which followed, that light was shed upon the puzzle which had been subconsciously stirring Harrigan's mind: Nora had not once spoken to the son of his old friend. "I don't see why the colonel didn't invite some of the ladies," Mrs. Harrigan complained.

Pandurang Huree gives the Mahrattas the palm, as liars, over all the other races of India. He may be right, but where excellence is so universal, comparison becomes doubly odious. Some Mahrattas put rao after their names and treat themselves with much respect, especially if they can grow a little island of whisker on each cheek and run the moustache into it.

A cry went up from the other Chitans. Moti clapped his hands together, Maun Rao caught the boy up and kissed him. 'Then, said the Maharajah slowly, 'I love you still, Sunni, and you shall drink the opium with the rest. Your son, he added to Colonel Starr, 'will bring praise to his father. The Colonel smiled. 'I have no children, said he. 'I wish he were indeed my son.

Whatever dangers beset her she was determined to meet them with courage and patience. "Rao, you had better return to Calcutta. What I have to do must be done alone." "Very good. But I shall remain here till the Mem-sahib returns." Rao salaamed. "And if I should not return?" affected by this strange loyalty. "Then I shall seek Bruce Sahib, who has a camp twenty miles east." "Bruce?

I thought but to make sure of thee and bid thee welcome, as a faithful steward should, to thy motherland.... Maha Rao Rana, Har Dyal Rutton Bahadur, Heaven-born, King of Kings, Chosen of the Voice, Cherished of the Eye, Beloved of the Heart, bone of the bone and flesh of the flesh of the Body, Guardian of the Gateway of Swords!... I, thy servant, Salig Singh, bid thee welcome to Bharuta!"

He has borrowed the Rao Sahib's steam-launch, and comes to look for us. I have always said that there should have been a steam-launch on the bridge works for us. The territory of the Rao of Baraon lay within ten miles of the bridge; and Findlayson and Hitchcock had spent a fair portion of their scanty leisure in playing billiards and shooting blackbuck with the young man.

Malet that Bajee had gained over the officer who was escorting him, and was ready to come back to Poona, as soon as the blow was struck. "It will be struck soon," Mr. Malet said. "All is in readiness. I sent your report on to the Council, urging that, as it seemed likely that Bajee Rao would soon be on the musnud, they should express their readiness to recognize him.