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The moment the candles were extinguished the grimness sensibly increased, and he could feel all around him, thickly amalgamated with the ether, a superphysical presence, at once hostile and horrible. Then, to bring his terror to a climax, there issued from the bath a loud rubbing and splashing, as if some one, some very heavy person, was vigorously washing.

In spite of her moustache and her grimness, that child was sure Hannah would take her in, whether any of us were here or not. Now, how did she know?" "Because," said Jan, "things are revealed to babes like Meg that are hidden from men of the world like you. Hannah is all right you don't appreciate Hannah, and you are rather jealous of her moustache."

"But all I seem to get is a picture of a thousand bullets meanderin' about loose to-morrow night in the dark at midnight, and the worst of them's not going to be going away from us." The leader closed the mouth of the fearful one with a look. "Remember" the grimness of Koppy's tone was a threat "the girl's mine." "First catch your fish," muttered Werner. "All the others, kill.

Her eyes narrowed and the muscles of her square, almost masculine jaw hardened ominously as she looked the intruder up and down. Then a flicker of contempt modified the grimness of her countenance. She took three steps forward, pausing on the other side of the desk, her back to the doorway. Lanyard trembled visibly....

"When I think," he murmured once with grimness, "that that fellow Bishop had the impudence to ask us to lunch and Charlie too! Charlie too!" Eve, attendant, enquired sadly what he was talking about. "Nothing, nothing," said he. "My mind is wandering. Let it." Mr. Prohack was lounging over his breakfast in the original old house in the Square behind Hyde Park.

But now while John Barty frowned upon his son, Barnabas frowned back at his father, and the added grimness of his chin offset the sweetness of the mouth above. "Barnabas," said his father at last, "did you say a gentleman, Barnabas?" "Yes." "What you?" Here John Barty's frown vanished suddenly and, expanding his great chest, he threw back his head and roared with laughter.

I have seen such palaces stand in quiet and stately parks, as old, as majestic, as finely proportioned as the buildings of Oxford; but the very blackness of the city air, and the drifting smoke of the town, gives that added touch of grimness and mystery that the country airs cannot communicate.

Yet he might as well have tried to hit flying birds. He emptied the Winchester. Then, hunching low in the saddle, Neale hung on. Slingerland was close to the train; Brush on his side appeared to be about out of danger; the pursuit had narrowed down to Neale and Larry. The anger and the grimness faded from Neale.

Furthermore, I saw no reason why we should plan for terrible emergencies which might never arrive. His answer was that we were military pilots in training for combat machines. We had no right to ignore the grimness of the business ahead of us. If we did, so much the worse for us when we should go to the front.

You see that I saw that Maggie would accept her in helpless ignorance. Yes, dearest" and the grimness of her dreariness suddenly once more possessed her: "you've only to tell me that that knowledge was my reason for what I did. How, when you do, can I stand up to you? You see," she said with an ineffable headshake, "that I don't stand up!

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