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The water is too rough for the canoe," said Ned. "I don't know about that. I've lived on the water some and I've seen curious things done with canoes. Let's try it." "Better try the waves with an empty canoe first. Then I'll be with you." The canoe was unloaded on a quiet bit of the beach which lay behind a shoal and the boys by turns got into the canoe and paddled out among the breakers.

Probably they also have grounded or dragged on the shoal." A strong drift to the westward during the night of the 18th relieved our anxiety by carrying the 'Endurance' to the lee of the crevassed berg, which passed out of our range of vision before the end of the month. We said good-bye to the sun on May 1 and entered the period of twilight that would be followed by the darkness of midwinter.

This bank, a hidden obstruction at the entrance of Portland roads, is not a barrier; it is an amphitheatre a circus of sand under the sea, its benches cut out by the circling of the waves an arena, round and symmetrical, as high as a Jungfrau, only drowned a coliseum of the ocean, seen by the diver in the vision-like transparency which engulfs him, such is the Shambles shoal.

And of all who loved its swinging bridge, its stately shores, its breezy expanses, none sought them more frequently than Eve. She had gone out one day with her companions who, beside her, seemed like the moss that clusters on a rose-bud to watch the shoal in the weir as the treacherous ebb forsook it.

After proceeding a mile and a half they received a volley from the enemy, secreted in the woods, whereupon a fight took place which lasted till dark, resulting in our driving the enemy about a mile and a half further, after which the Captain returned to his picket post which he had occupied the night previous, at the crossings of the Atlanta, Jonesboro, Shoal creek and McDonald roads.

She's been patient an' hard-workin' all her life, and always high above makin' mean complaints of other folks. I expect all this business about the Queen has buoyed her over many a shoal place in life. Yes, you might say that Abby 'd been a slave, but there ain't any slave but has some freedom." Presently I saw a low gray house standing on a grassy bank close to the road.

Then Bob's idea about getting the ship through the shoal water, by passing to leeward, in preference to making the attempt against the wind, was a sound one; and, on a little reflection, he was well enough disposed to acquiesce in it. Accordingly, when they quitted the windlass, they both set about putting this project in execution.

"How funny those flying-fish look!" said Florry Meldrum, watching a shoal of them that rose from the water just like a covey of white larks, and which, after skimming past the Nancy Bell, again settled in the sea, quite tired out with their short flight.

Not a shoal exists within the Straits of San Juan de Fuca, Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, or Hood's Canal, that can in any way interrupt their navigation by a seventy-four-gun ship. I venture nothing in saying there is no country in the world that possesses waters equal to these."

"It will hardly freeze a shoal, and I've found one below the corral." "I'm just as anxious as you to put out the bait," replied Joel, "but we must take no chances of making our work sure. The moment the cattle quit drinking, the water holes freeze over. This is regular old Billy Winter." "I'll show you the ripple and leave it to you," argued the younger boy.