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I may as well say that my uncle got a fair round sum for the salvage of the good ship the Poictiers, and a very welcome addition to his year's pay. Our passengers went on shore at Portsmouth, and as soon as we arrived there, I thought I was to see no more of them, when, having accompanied them to the door of the George Hotel, I was about to bid them farewell.

The F.A.N.Y.s, their hair flying in the wind, looking more like Red Indians on a scalping expedition than a salvage party, soon extricated them, and they were taken, with what clothes could be rescued, to another tent. Their fate, "Squig" assured me, would have assuredly been ours had it not been for her! Madame came into existence about this time.

It looks as if he were desperately bent upon getting a lot of salvage money out of a stranded yacht." Mr. Travers turned away, and, for a moment, appeared immersed in deep thought. This accident of stranding upon a deserted coast was annoying as a loss of time. He tried to minimize it by putting in order the notes collected during the year's travel in the East.

Then the Political Pull looked back upon the good fat carcase of beef that he was dragging to his lair and said, with a discontented spirit: "That is hardly my customary fee; I'll take home this first instalment, then return and bring an action for salvage against the skin." The Judge and the Plaintiff

I looked at the beautiful boat astern, tossing lightly on the wave crests, and saw that she would surely be lost over the bar; so I asked my father now, as I had meant before, if we might not try to get her on board. For answer he turned to Lodbrok. "Set you much store by your boat, Jarl?" he asked him. "The boat is yours, Thane, or Wulfric's, by all right of salvage.

Oh! chuck it, Uncle Dave. Which shall it be bed for an hour or a rarebit at Tumbles and then on to the fight?" "What time is it?" "Eleven-thirty." "Bud, let us have another look at our salvage before we choose; if we find them sleeping, we'll take the rarebit as a recompense for a night's sleep." And together they went out into the night.

The mouth of a mine shaft appeared, going horizontally into the cliff. Puffing from his exertions, Sergeant Madden went in. It was necessary if he were to make a routine examination. The Aldeb came in a full day later. It descended, following the space beacon the squad ship sent up from its resting place. The Aldeb was not an impressive sight, of course. It was a medium-sized police salvage ship.

It being delivered to him on a small payment for salvage, we returned with it on board. All that morning the calm continued, but in the afternoon, a breeze springing up, the pilot came off, and agreed to take us out. Just as the sails were loosed, before we hove up the anchor, Toa came alongside in his canoe.

"But what are ye askin' sich a question fer?" asked Chips. "What's burglars got to do wid losin' salvage?" "He was aboard the Pirate, and a reward awaits the lucky dog who lands him. Just a trifle of ten thousand dollars," said Jim, fiercely. Chips turned on him. "Is it sure 'nuff truth ye're tellin', or jest a yarn to soothe our feelin's?" he demanded.

If I turn your whole drive into the river, you'll lose more than half of it outright, and it'll cost you a heap to salvage the rest. And what's more, I'll turn 'em in before you can get hold of a pile-driver. I'll sort night and day," he bluffed, "and by to-morrow morning you won't have a stick of timber above my booms." He laughed again. "You want to get down to business almighty sudden."

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