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Macaulay, too mature not to have well measured his own peculiar capacities, not rich in invention but ingenious in application, saw the use that might be made of this principle, and that history itself would be much more popular with a large embroidery of personal, social, and even topographical anecdote and illustration, instead of the sober garb in which we had been in the habit of seeing it.

Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, vol. i. The Manor-House continued to be the occasional residence of the Shrewsburys till the death of Earl Gilbert, in the year 1616, who dying without male issue, the whole of his estates in this part of the kingdom descended to his three daughters and co-heirs by marriage, and their descendants, till one of the latter, the Hon.

It is the same in the financial and diplomatic services, in every branch of the administration, laic or ecclesiastical, in the physical order and in the moral order. His topographical memory and his geographical conception of countries, places, ground, and obstacles culminate in an inward vision which he evokes at will, and which, years afterwards, revives as fresh as on the first day.

* I was at the Needles one summer for a brief time, and the air seemed very oppressive to me. There are six chief topographical features, canyons, cliffs, valleys, mesa plateaus, high plateaus, mountains.

He was the only division commander I had whose experience had been almost exclusively derived from the cavalry arm. Wilson graduated in 1860 in the Topographical Engineers, and was first assigned to duty in Oregon, where he remained till July, 1861.

Carcopino has just astonished us with proof of the poet's minute study of topographical details in the region of Lavinium and Ostia, Mackail has vindicated his care as an antiquarian, Warde Fowler has repeatedly pointed out his scrupulous accuracy in portraying religious rites, and now Sergeaunt, in a study of his botany, has emphasized his habit of making careful observations in that domain.

During the twenty-five days spent at this point observations were made of the topographical features of the land, the character of the Indians, and the pursuits of the half-breeds. Major Woods urged the American Indians and half-breeds to prevent by force the invasions, promising that the United States would support them.

It will be observed that this argument supports REMOTE antiquity only for such legends as are connected with the greater topographical features, as mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, which must have been named at an early period in the inhabitation of the country by man.

All this transpired because I was on the road to Singapore, away from Berlin, on my first important mission in the German Secret Service. The Intelligence Department had instructed me to ascertain the extent of the new docks and fortifications in course of completion in the Straits Settlements an assignment calling for exact topographical data, photographs and plans.

I heard lectures on applied mathematics, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mineralogy, botany, natural history, physics, chemistry, accounts, cultivation of forest trees and management of forests, architecture, house-building, and land-surveying. I continued topographical drawing.

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