I forgot all my own heartaches as I drank in and indorsed every word, and then, with all my being, offered the closing prayer. Soon the trials and testings commenced in real earnest. In such a place it does not require many days, nay, many hours, to discover the subtlety of the enemy of souls.

I do not believe there was ever a little child who had a more sensitive conscience than I; about everything I was so morbidly scrupulous that I was often misunderstood by those who loved me best, a thing that caused me the most poignant heartaches. I remember having been tormented for days merely because in relating something I had not reported it precisely as it had happened.

It isn't fair " Her genuine distress moved Lance to cease strumming and bestow a friendly pat on her hand. "Don't be giving yourself headaches and heartaches over Roy and me, darlint. We're going strong, thanks very much! It would take an earthquake to throw us out of step. If he chose to chuck his boots at me, I wouldn't trouble except to return the trees if they were handy!

As Grace expressed no preference she decided on Egypt, and the departure was made without unnecessary loss of time. Had Grace gone direct to Tin Cup that day, instead of intercepting the stage some twenty miles out, or if the driver had been a more loquacious man than "Timberline," she would have been spared many heartaches at the price of a sickening terror.

Truly, his heartaches must have made him gain flesh, for very soon he was obliged to let out the strap on his waistcoat.

It was the first Fourth of July for fifteen years that I did not have some unhappiness to conceal. As one of my girls said about herself: "My little lonely heart had flewed away!" All the loneliness, the heartaches, the pains are justified now. I do not regret the past for through it the present is. Do you remember the lines: "He shall restore the years that the locust hath eaten?"

He said that my colts was dead sho' to be luffers with wheels in their heads, an' when pinched they'd quit, an' when collared they'd lay down. That there was a yaller streak in me that was already pilin' up coupons on the future for tears and heartaches an', maybe a gallows or two, an' a lot of uncomplimentary talk of that kind.

She looked first at her helpless little children, then into the face of her suffering and helpless husband, and tenderly, unhesitatingly, announced her determination to remain and care for him until both should be rescued, or death should part them. G. Murphy. Perplexities and heartaches multiplied with the morning hours of the following day. Mr.

What's the use of risking heartaches to satisfy curiosity?" "Oh, I don't have heartaches!" said Dysart, intensely amused. "I wasn't thinking of you. I suppose that's the reason you find it amusing.... Not that I think there's any real harm in you " "Thanks," laughed Dysart; "it only needed that remark to damn me utterly.

"Peter! Is it you!" Two arms twined around Filina's neck. "Stephen! You live? Really? It is not possible!" "I live, Peter, and at last, I am coming. It is rather late, it's true, but I did not know before that the loved one who once separated us, had passed away long ago, and that you and I would not have any more heartaches. I am coming to you for my treasures, which are in your care."