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They took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom; this represents an open, intelligent, and seemly profession of faith in Christ.

Thus she preserved her sanctity to the last and displayed all the tokens of a chaste woman, like Hecuba, "taking care that she might fall in seemly wise." Moreover, when Celer, the Roman knight who was accused of having intrigued with Cornelia, was being scourged with rods in the Forum, he did nothing but cry out, "What have I done? I have done nothing."

Domenico remained silent, his arms folded on his breast; it was not a case for talking. But the young man who had read Cicero aloud at table had come up behind him, and thought it more seemly to praise his patron's new toy, while at the same time displaying his learning; so he cleared his throat, and said in a pompous manner:

She, suspecting nothing, and seduced by the delicious flavour of the liquor, drank somewhat more freely than was seemly, and forgetting her past woes, became frolicsome, and incited by some women who trod some measures in the Majorcan style, she shewed the company how they footed it in Alexandria.

He told me once that he considered cricket, on the whole, to be a gentleman-like game for boys, provided they would play without running about; and that fives, also, was a seemly game, so that those who played it never heated themselves.

Did you actually say that to me, brother, to your sister? Did you call this or any other man my favored lover?" "I only repeated the words made use of by Count John Adolphus von Schwarzenberg in suing for your hand, sister. This gentleman affirms that you have granted him more favor than was seemly in a modest maiden.

"You've sure got a case of happenedicitis," said Poky Rodgers, fency rider of the Largo Verde /potrero/. "Somebody ought to happen to give you a knock on the head with the butt end of a quirt. I've rode in nine miles for some tobacco; and it don't appear natural and seemly that you ought to be allowed to live."

Granted, if you will, that we have outgrown what were to us the seemly garments of that past. Before relegating them to the attic or ragpicker, would it not be prudent and pleasant to preserve the laces with which they were trimmed? We are living in an age of surprising inventions and marvelous machinery. As a natural sequence, ours is an age of delegation.

She entered the room, carrying in her hand a surgical spray, with which she played nervously while the men of the law asked to see her charge. She replied that it was impossible. Mace placed himself in front of the door by which she had entered, and told her that her attitude was not seemly.

"Is it seemly," he rebuked them, "that the Prophets of God act like madmen?" "Our lot is awful," said they. "The lot of the backslider is justifiably awful," was Paul's rejoinder. "You have prophesied too diligently of your own glory." "You are learned in the Law, Paul," said Moses. "Make us waywise." "Send abroad a messenger to preach damnation to sinners," answered Paul.