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Some sixty years later, Stephen Douglas, as sincere a democrat as Jefferson, and withal a Northerner with no personal interest in Slavery, could ask contemptuously whether if Americans were fit to rule themselves they were not fit to rule "a few niggers." The next factor to be noticed was that to which Jefferson referred in the passage quoted above the constant dread of a Negro rising.

For the third time this day he made me an astonishing rejoinder: "Would you like to take orders from a negro?" It reduced me to stammering. "I have never such a juncture has never " "Of course you wouldn't. Even a Northerner!" His face, as he said this, was a single glittering piece of fierceness. I was still so much taken aback that I said rather flatly: "But who has to?" "I have to."

"It was not a mistake, for he has revealed the depths into which a man can sink who adopts his course. I have some respect for an out-and-out Northerner, brought up as such; but it does seem that when a man turns traitor, as it were, he goes to greater lengths than those whose camp he joins. He suspects those who are too noble for him to understand." "Whom does Mr. Clancy suspect?"

He was convinced that nearly all, if not all, of the great West was dedicated to freedom by a law which transcended any human enactment. Why, then, hold to a mere form, when the substance could be otherwise secured? Why should Northerner affront Southerner by imperious demands, when the same end might be attained by a compromise which would not cost either dear?

Buchanan was the victim of both personal and historic injustice. With secession in sight his one aim was to get out of the White House before the scrap began. He was of course on terms of intimacy with all the secession leaders, especially Mr. Slidell, of Louisiana, like himself a Northerner by birth, and Mr. Mason, a thick-skulled, ruffle-shirted Virginian. It was not in him or in Mr.

With her was a tall, keen-featured fellow, whom she introduced as a war correspondent and a Northerner. "A sort of war correspondent," corrected Grafton, with a swift look of interest at Crittenden, but turning his eyes at once back to Phyllis. She was a new and diverting type to the Northern man and her name was fitting and pleased him.

When the mail arrived, it was thrown upon a desk in one corner of a small grocery store, and any person desiring an epistle went in, and, fumbling over the letters, took what he claimed as his own. The railroad agent, a young northerner, I found sleeping soundly in his telegraph office, though the noonday sun was pouring in his windows.

It astonished him, independent young Northerner as he was, to hear a full- grown man confess that his mother's' apron-strings still held him up, but he made no comment. "Why not try both?" he cried. "There's a place in the school alongside of me we'll work together nights. It won't interfere with what you do downtown.

You can always make a mule see what you want him to do although the odds are that he won't do it even then but when a reindeer gets stubborn, why, he just can't be made to understand anythin'!" "Yet I've read that they use them a good deal in Lapland!" said the boy in surprise. "They have domesticated them more thoroughly, I guess," the Northerner replied.

You add one other glory to your conquering sword and, besides, you'll receive five hundred dollars in reward!" The Northerner turned upon him fiercely, goaded at last to the breaking-point in a struggle as black and awful as the struggle of his brother-foe. "Stop it, man!" he cried. "I order you to stop! It's duty! not a miserable reward!"