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She leaned back on the cushions and put her arm around the older woman's waist, and listened to the light beat of his pony's hoofs outside, now running ahead, now scrambling and slipping up some steep place, and again coming to a halt as Langham or MacWilliams called, "Look to the right, behind those trees," or "Ahead there! Don't you see what I mean, something crouching?"

Malemute Kid was not at home, but Meyers, the German trader, cooked great moose-steaks and shook up a bed of fresh pine boughs. Lake, Langham, and Parker, were excited, and not unduly so when the cause was taken into account. 'Oh, Sandy! Say, can you tell a porterhouse from a round?

Clay shrugged his shoulders impatiently, and looked across at Miss Langham with a troubled smile. "But that's just what I don't want," he said. "Can't you see? These mines and other mines like them are all I have in the world. They are my only excuse for having lived in it so long.

"Damned brigands," growled Langham, savagely. "Not at all," Clay answered. "He is an officer and a gentleman. I have no money with me," he said, in Spanish, addressing the officer, "but between caballeros a word of honor is sufficient.

Langham, however, who always treated the subjects of conversation presented to him as an epicure treats foods, felt at this point that he had had enough of the Wendovers, and started something else. 'So you physic bodies as well as minds? he said, pointing to the medicine cupboard. 'I should think so! cried Robert, brightening at once.

And sometimes, after an hour when she had been more difficult or more satirical than usual, ending notwithstanding with a little change of tone, a careless 'You will find us next Wednesday as usual; So-and-so is coming to play, Langham would walk home in a state of feeling he did not care to analyse, but which certainly quickened the pace of life a good deal.

The place is steeped in associations, and as beautiful as a dream to begin with. 'And the owner of all this is the author of The Idols of the Market-place? Robert nodded. 'Did you ever meet him at Oxford? I believe he was there once or twice during my time, but I never saw him. 'Yes, said Langham, thinking. 'I met him at dinner at the Vice-Chancellor's, now I remember.

He looked frankly pleased, however, when he found himself next to her again, but did not take advantage of it throughout the first part of the dinner, during which time he talked to the young married woman on his right, and Miss Langham and King continued where they had left off at their last meeting.

Since then we have been a parish round, distributing stores. Rose's look changed in an instant. The words were spoken by the Langham of her earliest acquaintance. The man who that morning had asked her to play to him had gone vanished away. 'How exhilarating! she said scornfully. 'Don't you wonder how anyone can ever tear themselves away from the country?

Langham paused opposite to him, his waving jet-black hair falling forward over the marble pale face which had been Robert's young ideal of manly beauty. The two men were only six years distant in age, but so strong is old association that Robert's feeling towards his friend had always remained in many respects the feeling of the undergraduate towards the don.