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He whom she had mourned as one stricken in sorrows, and feared for, as an outlaw doomed to suffering and to death, was now to appear before her, not in the garb of woe, which excuses the sympathy its wearer excites, but arrayed as a conqueror, as the champion of Scotland, giving laws to her oppressors, and entering in triumph, over fields of their slain!

There is a similar difference between a fire and a lamp; the same breath that kindles the former and soon excites it to greater heat will put out the latter, which is but ill provided to resist the blast; it has a precarious tenure, you see. An. Ah, I cannot get hold of all that, Solon; it is too subtle for me wants exact thought and keen intelligence.

He was taken upstairs in the Courthouse and placed in the witness room to await the opening of court. Ordinarily, a man facing death excites sympathy, particularly among the class who waited for two hours to get a glimpse of Jackson.

Farrance?” asked the captain; “I heard a lot of cheering.” “I made enquiry about it, sir, and the boatswain told me that it was only a fight between two of the boys. Of course he had not been present.” “Ah! It is not often that a boys’ fight excites such interest. Who were they?” “They were Jones, the biggest of the boys, and by no means a satisfactory character, and young Gilmore.”

Love real love is beyond all this I suppose, and does not depend upon whether or no the other person excites one's desire for conquest. I never used to think I could, at the best of moments I have analysed my emotions, and stood aside as it were, and measured just how much things were meaning to me.

Two pieces of gold leaf suspended from a metal rod, inserted at the top of a glass shade full of perfectly pure, dry air, will separate if we rub our foot on the carpet, and touch the top of the rod with one of our fingers; for the motion of the body, as in walking, always excites electricity, and it is this which, as it passes through the finger, causes the phenomenon; though the least sensation of damp in the glass would, by instantly draining off the electricity, defeat the experiment.

This young man's responsive spirit acted on her as the discovery of specifics for restoring soundness to the frame excites the brilliant empiric: he would slay us with benevolent soul to show the miracle of our revival. Worship provokes the mortal goddess to a manifestation of her powers; and really the devotee is full half to blame.

For then the same melodious train of sounds excites the melancholy, they had learned from the song; or the same vivid combination of them recalls all the mirthful ideas of the dance and company. Even the sounds, that were once disagreeable to us, may by habit be associated with other ideas, so as to become agreeable.

Their productions are material, but the spirit which led to their creation is of the soul and mind. Imagination is tasked to the uttermost to portray sentiments and passions. The bust is "animated," and the temple, though built of marble, and by man, is called "religious." Art appeals to every cultivated mind, and excites poetic feelings.

If a stimulus excites sensation in an organ not usually excited into sensation, inflammation is produced. IV. Of stimulus greater than natural. 1. A stimulus greater than natural diminishes the quantity of sensorial power in general. 2. In particular organs. 3. Induces the organ into spasmodic actions. 4. Induces the antagonist fibres into action. 5.