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"But I tell you I must have money. Two hundred dollars tonight and fourteen hundred inside of two weeks. And you'll get it for me. You understand that. And listen, now." Smith's voice slowly uncoiled itself to Champers' senses as a snake moves leisurely toward a bird it means to draw to itself. "You say you have signed my name for me and transacted business, handling my money.

If you are not in Paris the express is to follow you; and you will be kind enough to take measures that the lad may follow the express. He is ordered to wait your commands, which I told him might possibly detain him a month, or even more; though it might happen that the business would be transacted in a week. Not that I can hope the real business can now possibly be so soon finished.

There's business to be transacted in regard to this Henderson County land; and your father must inevitably soon hear of my name, from some one; and it would be better from me than from an outsider."

To the best of his belief, Mr. Elmsdale was in very easy circumstances. He had transacted a large amount of business for him, but never any involving pecuniary loss or anxiety; he should have thought him the last man in the world to run into such folly as betting; he had no doubt Mrs. Elmsdale's death had affected him disastrously.

The major declared upon his honor, that if he could be of any use he would rush to Pen's chambers. As it was, Morgan should go and see that every thing was right. The doctor must write to him by every post to Stillbrook; it was but forty miles distant from London, and if any thing happened he would come up at any sacrifice. Major Pendennis transacted his benevolence by deputy and by post.

But the time came. Having transacted his business with the colonel, Dick Graham came out of the tent and mounted his horse. "Of course I had to wait until the captain had made his report," said he, in a suppressed whisper, "and in that way I happened to hear a little about yourself and Tom Barton.

As the murderer is irresistibly drawn back to the spot where his victim lies, he returned to the place where his deed of treachery had been transacted and, confronting those by whom he had been employed, handed back the money with the passionate confession, "I have betrayed innocent blood." But he had come to miserable comforters. With cynical disdain they asked, "What is that to us?

"Indeed, dear friend, I am rejoiced and honored. But this business of mine will not wait." So the king, frowning and grumbling and laughing, went back alone, and told the princess that the happy wooer was most grateful, and would come, after his business was transacted, that afternoon.

"In the meantime any business you have with the captain of this vessel may be transacted with me." "Then I insist that you put me ashore instantly," I said, with resolution. "Would you kidnap me under the very guns of his Majesty's fleet?" "Not so fast," returned Rupert, keeping his temper, as he could afford to do, having the upper hand.

Later in the year, the Cardinal informed the King that the same nobles were holding a conference at Weerdt, that he had not learned what had been transacted there, but thought the affair very suspicious.