Tell me what else I shall give of foremost villages, of grain, of barley, and of even the rarer and costly jewels. Do not seek to eat this food that is inedible. Tell me what I should give unto you for the support of your bodies! ""The Rishis said, 'O king, an acceptance of gifts from a monarch is very sweet at first but it is poison in the end.

There was a little silence and then Mr. Evringham turned the horses into the homeward way. "I begin to feel as if breakfast would be acceptable, Jewel. How is it with you?" "Why, I could eat" began the child hungrily, "I could eat" "Eggs?" suggested the broker, as she paused to think of something sufficiently inedible. "Almost," returned the child seriously. Another pause, and then she continued.

The current estimate of the sea-gull as an intellectual force is compressed into the word "gullibility" a verbal monument of contempt. But probably the gull would show no more relish for the compliment than he has hitherto shown distaste for the innuendo; both of them being inedible, and he of a happy disposition, indifferent to purely academic opinions of his rank and station in the universe.

Regardless of their feelings about this particular procedure, they stood up and objected. For the first time, I believe, our form of agitation began to seem a little more respectable than the Administration's handling of it. But the Administration did not know this fact yet. "Everybody in line for the work-room!" We were thankful to leave our inedible breakfast.

Overhead, the sun blazing wastefully and thanklessly through a rarefied atmosphere; underfoot the hot, black clay, thirsting for spring rain, and bare except for inedible roley-poleys, coarse tussocks, and the woody stubble of close-eaten salt-bush; between sky and earth, a solitary wayfarer, wisely lapt in philosophic torpor.

There were old, half-rotten vegetables; bones from the evening meal, covered in white sauce that had gone hard; a few raisins and almonds; some cheese that Gregor had declared inedible two days before; a dry roll and some bread spread with butter and salt.

The emergency rations too which we found on the earlier batches of prisoners had a distinctly Teutonic flavour they were so scientifically nourishing in theory and so vilely inedible in practice. They were a species of flat gluten cake rather like a dog-biscuit, but much harder.

They never have been cooked, but are in a perfectly raw state, and found to be inedible by the prisoners. I have also samples of the corn bread which is most unattractive and repellant to the eye and to the taste.

And there are things inedible substances which no stomach can digest. The Americans will never make Yankees of their Chinese. On the other hand, nowhere have I found more ardent patriots than among the Jews.

While Powhatan's two children were adding to the well-filled larder of Werowocomoco, there was real dearth of food at Jamestown. The stores, many of them musty and almost inedible after the long voyage, were growing daily scarcer. There was fish in the river, but the colonists grew weary of keeping what they called "a Lenten diet," and in their dreams munched juicy sirloins of fat English beef.