"O principessa," said he, with a wondering grin, "who are these that travel with royal crowns? If we were true folk of the macchia, now, we could hold them at a fine ransom." She took the crown, examined it for a moment, and turning to my father, spoke to him swiftly in French. "How came you by this, O Englishman?" "That," answered my father, stiffly, "I decline to tell you.

E bellu, il Inglese," I heard one say to his fellow. After quelling the brief tumult against me, and while I busied myself with Nat, the girl had disappeared I could not tell whither. But now one of the band ran up the slope calling loudly to summon her. "O principessa, ajo, ajo!

Ivan was besieged with questions, to which his replies were so unsatisfactory that a general appeal was made to the authority of the Principessa Contarini. To her Ivan gave a brief account of the event, and then himself became an eager interlocutor. His first triple question also ended, for some time, his remarks. And when he had been fully answered, his mind was too full for further utterance.

He has twopenny-halfpenny French prints of women with languishing eyes, dressed in dominoes, guitars, gondolas, and so forth, and tells you stories about them. 'It's a bad print, says he, 'I know, but I've a reason for liking it. It reminds me of somebody somebody I knew in other climes. You have heard of the Principessa di Monte Pulciano? I met her at Rimini. Dear, dear Francesca!

"What is the trouble?" "This woman," explained one of the carabinieri, saluting respectfully, "is posing as your wife, Highness. We are here to arrest her." "Do not touch her!" said the prince. "She has the most perfect right in the world to do what she has done. She is the Principessa di Monte Bianca, my wife!"

Then the shopman, for Charlotte, momentously broke silence. "You've seen, disgraziatamente, signora principessa," he sadly said, "too much" and it made the Prince face about. For the effect of the momentous came, if not from the sense, from the sound of his words; which was that of the suddenest, sharpest Italian.

He had observed and judged and not forgotten; he had been sure they were great people, but no, ah no, distinctly, hadn't "liked" them as he liked the Signora Principessa. Certainly she had created no vagueness about that he had been in possession of her name and address, for sending her both her cup and her account.

You shall be called Principessa della Pace, who heal all sorrow and strife by the light of your face." "I humbly thank your Grace," said Molly, very grateful; but Amilcare dropped upon one knee. "Splendour," says he, "deign to visit our poor house in Nona, if you would learn what willing service is." "My friend, be sure of me," said the Borgia, and meant it. "Do you bid me come, Princess?"

You must be patient." "In order to starve, when there is food as near as the Corso?" inquired the artist. "To be butchered by a Roman phlebotomist, and drenched with infusions of hay by the Principessa Montevarchi, when I might be devising means of being presented to her daughter? What do you take me for? I suppose the young lady with the divine eyes is her daughter, is she not?"

To us over here it was unbelievable that a decent girl could think of marrying him; that her parents could be so dazzled by the mere title of 'Lady' or 'Marquise' or 'Grafin' or 'Principessa' that they were willing to give her into the keeping of an unspeakable cad, brute, or rake. Do you think that it is the fault of Europe if such girls know nothing but wretchedness?"