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The night was very dark, now and then a few flashes of phosphorescent light played over the ocean, or were stirred up by the bows of the schooner, as she slowly worked her way through the water; but even the sharpest eyes on board could scarcely distinguish anything two or three hundred yards off.

But was not her Robert the most generous of men? Other eyes than hers saw it those of Basilio Velasco, one of the vaqueros; a small, swarthy man, with the blackest and sharpest of eyes, in which just then was a strange glitter. What a handsome couple were the young husband and wife, as, arm-in-arm, they entered the house he so large, and red, and masculine; she so dark, and reliant, and feminine!

IT is a common remark, that important events seldom occur singly; and they seem indeed often to follow each other with startling rapidity, like the sharpest flashes of lightning and the loudest peals of thunder from the dark clouds of a summer shower. He was believed in imminent danger, and was too ill to recognize his wife when she arrived.

The boy, reinforced by the children of the entire neighborhood, held a circus in Miss Wetherby's wood-shed, and instituted a Wild Indian Camp in her attic. The poor woman was quite powerless, and remonstrated all in vain. The boy was so cheerfully good-tempered under her sharpest words that the victory was easily his. "Robert, I've stood all I'm a-goin' ter. You've got to go home Monday.

I know Dickens pretty well his books, I mean, of course and said, with a gratified start, "Ha! has Dickens been here?" "Yes, he has," said the matron, in her sharpest tones, "and a pretty pack of lies he told about it. Stop a bit." I stopped accordingly whilst the old lady flew out of the room, and flying back again with a well-worn pamphlet in her hand, shoved it at me, saying, "Read that."

Still the same groups of fat, frolicking children about the doors; still the same busy women at the wash-tub; about the house still the same coarse laughs. It would be most unnatural, impossible that it should not be so, and yet I feel angry sorely angry with them. One day when this sense of rawness is at its worst and sharpest, I resolve that I will pay a visit to the almshouse.

"You think Christ spent His life so?" asked Mr Liversedge, in that very quiet tone in which he says his sharpest things, and which reminds me so often of Colonel Keith. Ambrose looked as if he did not know what to say; and before he had found out, Mr Liversedge went on, "Because, you see, He left me an example, that I should follow His steps." "Mr Liversedge, I thought you were orthodox."

There are many spurs to a woman's vanity, but declared indifference is surely the sharpest of them all. When Anna Gessner discovered that Alban was not willing to enroll himself in the great band of worshippers who knelt humbly at her golden shrine, she set about converting him with a haste which would have been dangerous but for its transparent dishonesty.

More and more faint, the pageant fades below towards the white haze of the horizon, where, in sharpest contrast, leaps and welters against it the black jagged sea; and richer and richer it glows upwards, till it cuts the azure overhead: until, only too soon 'The sun's rim dips, the stars rush out, At one stride comes the dark,

With this sharpest perception yet, it was like a chill in the air to him, it was almost appalling, that a creature so fine could be, by mysterious forces, a creature so exploited. For at the end of all things they WERE mysterious: she had but made Chad what he was so why could she think she had made him infinite?

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