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This was because he declared with engaging frankness that in France the young men of his monde had a jeunesse: he, who spoke to them, had gambled; everybody gambled in France, where it was regarded as an innocent amusement.

They had at first made a constant demand on her purse, her talents and her time: then she grew tired of them, and felt more and more chary of being identified with a set which was in such ill-odour with that very same jeunesse doree whom Candeille had desired to please.

Later, beneath the arcades, I found many an old acquaintance: beautiful officers, resplendent, slow-strolling, contemplative of female beauty; civil and peaceful dandies, hardly less gorgeous, with that religious faith in moustache and shirt-front which distinguishes the <i>belle jeunesse of Italy</i>; ladies with heads artfully shawled in Spanish-looking lace, but with too little art or too much nature at least in the region of the bodice; well- conditioned young <i>abbati</i> with neatly drawn stockings.

Célanie Carissan has produced the operetta, "La Jeunesse d'Haydn," and the oratorio, "Rebecca," besides other choral works and many songs and piano pieces. The roll of operatic composers in France is long and honourable. Just as England seems the home of cantatas, and Germany of orchestral work, so France is especially devoted to opera, and her women have held their own well in this field.

Of these happy days Booth Tarkington wrote at the time of my brother's death: "To the college boy of the early nineties Richard Harding Davis was the 'beau ideal of jeunesse doree, a sophisticated heart of gold. He was of that college boy's own age, but already an editor already publishing books!

The Marchese Lamberto, though a grave and dignified personage in the eyes of the "jeunesse doree" of Ravenna, was looked up to as one of the best loved, as well as most respected, men in the city. And there was not a member of the "society" who would not have been sadly hurt at not being invited to the great annual Carnival ball at the Castelmare palace.

A mere cook, parole d'honneur! Of course, I shall read Ladislas' novel. Il y aura le petit mot pour rire, and he writes with a purpose! He will completely crush the nihilists, and I quite agree with him. His ideas sont tres correctes." "That is more than can be said of his past," Valentina Mihailovna remarked. "Ah! jeton une voile sur les erreurs de sa jeunesse!"

And stepping aside, he allowed the moths to flutter more closely round the candle, and the brilliant throng of the JEUNESSE DOREE, eagerly attentive to Lady Blakeney's every movement, hid the keen, fox-like face from her view.

"Never mind, ducky, I've only just put it on; it will go off after a bit. It's the very newest thing in Paris. Gerald brought it to me Souvenir de Jeunesse." Brigit looked at her for a moment, but said nothing. Lady Kingsmead's unconsciousness was, as it always was when she was in a good humour, both amusing and disarming.

I do not speak of the stagnation in commerce, and the ruin of Southern interests and possessions, from which many have suffered heavy pecuniary loss: the effects of the war come home to the fair city yet more sharply. For months past the best part of her jeunesse dorèe have been fighting as only the daintily born and bred can fight, at bitter need in the van of Southern armies.

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