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The long, low, diamond-paned window in the middle of the wall opposite the door, had been shuttered as completely as possible, but less care than usual was taken to prevent the light from penetrating into the darkness beyond, for the night was a stormy and tempestuous one, the rain lashing wildly against the hunting chalet, which, in its time, had seen many a merry hunting party gathered under its ample roof.

"Miller is the type of man," Tallente declared, "who was always putting the Labour Party in a false position. He was born and he has lived and he has thought parochially. He is all the time lashing himself into a fury over imagined wrongs and wanting to play the little tin god on Olympus with his threatened strikes. Now there will be no more strikes." "I was reading about that," she reflected.

He seemed to lay on his details with bitter lack of consideration. Like a slavedriver lashing a slave he spared no least shade of his cutting brush. "What do you think of this? and this? and this?" People came and stared.

His quirt rose and fell, lashing the horse into a frenzy as he galloped in a circle round Roger. "You're in my way, you hear?" he cried. "It's your turn to move." Each turn brought his course nearer his intended victim; and each moment wrought horse and rider up to a greater fury. "Move, you sucker, move!"

We therefore next got to work upon a raft, first of all lashing all our spare spars together as a sort of foundation, and then, upon the top of this, lashing the hen-coops, gratings, a few planks that the carpenter had stowed away down below, and, finally, some lengths of bulwark that we cut away for the purpose.

The fish yielded more and more to the relentless pole, till, in about fifteen minutes from the time he was struck, he came to the surface, then made a little whirlpool where he disappeared again. But presently he was up a second time, and lashing the water into foam as the angler led him toward the rock upon which I was perched net in hand.

"But I am, lass," he answered; and she knew him too well to say more. So those two went quietly out to save life or lose it, nor counted the cost. Down a wind-shattered slope over a spar of ice up an eternal hill a forlorn hope. In a whirlwind chaos of snow, the tempest storming at them, the white earth lashing them, they fought a good fight.

In the fiercer blasts I could hear the lashing of the pine-trees over my head, and now and then an arm of one of the moaning trees would reach down and sweep across my cabin roof with a sound that made me shudder and fear. This wilderness fear is an oppressive and terrible thing when you are alone at night, and the world is twisting and tearing itself outside.

In this he was successful; he secured more than food; he exchanged the clothing on his own back for a large canoe and six rowers, and returned by sea. The next aid Mendez rendered the shipwrecked men showed even finer heroism than his lashing the canoes together to rescue Bartholomew. He offered to go in an open rowboat all the way from Jamaica to Haiti and ask Ovando to send a rescue vessel!

But so many had been sent writhing and lashing the water, to float down-stream, that at last they began to grow shy, and the sportsmen were enabled to direct some of their charges of small shot at specimens of beautiful birds that came within range, as well as at the abundant waterfowl ducks and geese that gathered morning and evening to feed, but often to become food for the hideous reptiles that lurked beneath the trees close in shore.

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