He was lifting the whistle to sound a second summons when a rowboat rounded a projecting angle formed by the next warehouse down stream, and with clanking oar-locks swung in toward the landing. On her thwarts two figures, dipping and rising, labored with the sweeps.

The rowboat men had three hundred salmon, and they cursed Folly Bay with a fine flow of epithet as they took their rotting fish outside the Cove and dumped them in the sea. Nor did a Gower collector come, although there was nothing in the wind or weather to stop them. The rowboat trollers fumed and stewed and took their troubles to Jack MacRae. But he could neither inform nor help them.

Cradled in the heart of a great mountain-range, it pursued its gleaming way, here lying silent in glassy lakes, there rushing into tinkling little falls, foaming great falls, and thundering cataracts. Scores of bridges spanned its width, but no steamers flurried its crystal depths. Here and there a rough little rowboat, tethered to a willow, rocked to and fro in some quiet bend of the shore.

Two years after this I took Ally Bazan with me on a duck-shooting excursion in the "Toolies" back of Sacramento, for he is a handy man about a camp and can row a boat as softly as a drifting cloud. We went about in a cabin cat of some thirty feet over all, the rowboat towing astern. Sometimes we did not go ashore to camp, but slept aboard.

Rover, who was as anxious as anybody to locate the treasure. "You can't see it, because it's behind the trees an' rocks," replied the tar. The reef beyond the horseshoe was a dangerous one, with the sea dashing up many feet over it. There was only one break, less than thirty feet wide, so gaining entrance to the harbor would be no easy matter in a rowboat.

"There's been a yawning hole in the house ever since you left, and Minty actually shed tears last evening in her disappointment that you didn't stay." "Dear little Minty," said Sylvia, gratefully. "The tears and affection were very genuine," said Thinkright smiling, "but the situation is more acute owing to the fact of your rowboat, and that she has been forbidden to use it without you."

Carr handed her into the rowboat with ceremony she swept him a courtesy. Her apron and manners were charmingly incongruous. When she was gracefully seated in the stern Mr. Carr turned for a moment, stared all Oyster Bay calmly in the face through his monocle, then, untying the painter, fairly skipped into the boat with a step distinctly frolicsome.

"Oh, Dora, supposing they find us out?" gasped Nellie. "I don't think we'll be any worse off than we were," answered her cousin. "Do you think we can launch the rowboat and get into it without upsetting?" "We can try." The small craft was soon unfastened and they dragged it to the edge of the houseboat.

Dan, kneeling aft, watched with eagle eye each quirk and turn of the tow-line. It is the hardest thing a man has to do to tow behind a tug or ferryboat, even under fair conditions. In this case, the conditions were far from fair, for there was the ice, lazily rolling and cracking in the heavy wake of the tug, grinding against the sides of the rowboat, until it seemed that they must be crushed.

"I think I would buy a new rowboat; there's a pond near our house." "When you get it send for me, and I'll help you row." "Very well," said James; but he did not answer very positively. In fact, he was by no means sure that his father would comply with his request for money, although it suited him to make this representation to his companions. Herbert retired early.