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'I am very grateful to you, Masha interrupted him; her heart was aching with anticipation and terror. 'Ah, do look, Mr. Lutchkov, she went on 'look, what a view! She pointed to the meadow, streaked with long, evening shadows, and flushed red with the sunset. Inwardly overjoyed at the abrupt change in the conversation, Lutchkov began admiring the view. He was standing near Masha....

It was the Water Rat! The Rat put out a neat little brown paw, gripped Toad firmly by the scruff of the neck, and gave a great hoist and a pull; and the water-logged Toad came up slowly but surely over the edge of the hole, till at last he stood safe and sound in the hall, streaked with mud and weed to be sure, and with the water streaming off him, but happy and high-spirited as of old, now that he found himself once more in the house of a friend, and dodgings and evasions were over, and he could lay aside a disguise that was unworthy of his position and wanted such a lot of living up to.

Wutzler's head dropped on his breast again. The varnished hat gleamed softly in the darkness. "I I dare not stay," he sobbed. "Oh, exactly!" Heywood flung out an impatient arm. "The date, man! The day they set. You came away without it! We sit tight, then, and wait in ignorance." The droll, withered face, suddenly raised, shone with great tears that streaked the mangrove stain.

Miss Rathburn had managed to remain immaculate, while their faces were smudged and streaked with soot and car dust, their hats awry and hair dishevelled. Cool, serene, with a filmy veil thrown back from her hat brim, she rocked idly, utterly unconscious of the eyes of the populace. "The scenery is grand Wagnerian!

With the dirty curtain he had dabbled the tears all over his face until it was streaked with black; and in this guise, and dry-eyed, he gazed for a moment over the fair. Then: "Maman m'a pris mon sou" and he set off again. The backsweep of the wave leaves the beach dry for an instant while the next wave is gathering. Thus sorrow swept in heavy surges over the little childish heart.

Mr Maguire she did notice, and found him to be the possessor of a good figure, of a fine head of jet black hair, of a perfect set of white teeth, of whiskers which were also black and very fine, but streaked here and there with a grey hair, and of the most terrible squint in his right eye which ever disfigured a face that in all other respects was fitted for an Apollo.

When he turned again he seemed to look down into hell. Murky depths, streaked by pale gleams, and black, sinister, changing forms yawned beneath them. He watched with fixed eyes until once more the feeling of filled ears left him and an awful thundering boom assured him of actualities. It was only the Colorado in flood.

Youngsters of every size and of every degree of greed crowded around the long table, the "Christmasy" decoration of which had already been pulled to pieces by eager reaching hands. Faces, still red from the crisp air and streaked where dirty coat sleeves had rubbed them, beamed across the heaping plates, busy fingers crammed away the goodies.

A chubby baby will gurgle and coo over a piece of this polished rock, and hold it in a little pink fist; old, white haired men will feebly finger a rough specimen streaked with green and amber. The spell of Nevada.....

The flowers are produced on the margins of the young branches, and are composed of a short, thick tube, not more than 2 in. in length, and short, dark, recurved scales; the petals are broad, pointed, and form a stellate cluster about 4 in. across; they are of a bright rose-colour, streaked with white, and shaded here and there with a darker colour of red. The stamens are numerous and pure white.