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Hear, then, and beliold thy privilege, O thou that fearest the Lord; and whoever wanders, turns aside, and swerveth from the way of salvation, whoever is benighted and lost in the midst of darkness thou shalt find the way to heaven and the glory that thou hast chosen.

The disadvantage was in the barrier of rock behind the hut, which, while it served admirably to break the piercing south winds, would very naturally tend to make high snow-banks in drifting storms. "My foot on the ice-berg has lighted, When hoarse the wild winds veer about; My eye when the bark is benighted, Sees the lamp of the light-house go out.

As the report gained ground that among the Brethren the humblest people could read as well as the priest, the good folk in Bohemia felt compelled to concoct some explanation, and the only explanation they could imagine was that the Brethren had the special assistance of the devil.30 If a man, said they, joined the ranks of the Brethren, the devil immediately taught him the art of reading, and if, on the other hand, he deserted the Brethren, the devil promptly robbed him of the power, and reduced him again to a wholesome benighted condition.

When you are near me, why should I not be happy?" "But when " A dark shadow seemed to cross her thoughts. Benighted with love, she had never reflected upon the probability of my leaving her, nor indeed had I. Her cheeks became suddenly pale; and I could see the agony gathering in her eyes, as she fixed them upon me. But the words were out "When I must leave you?"

A short time of anxious silence succeeded, for it was impossible to ascertain whether the parties were friends or enemies. The dogs now sprang up and barked furiously at the door, and as soon as Humphrey had silenced them, a voice was heard outside, begging for admission to a poor benighted traveller.

He's what I call a gawky." That settled it with Ethelyn. If fourteen-year-old Frank Van Buren, whose pants and coats and neckties and hats were always the latest make, said that Richard Markham was a gawky, he was one, and henceforth during his stay in Chicopee, the Western young man was regarded by Ethelyn with a feeling akin to pity for his benighted condition.

Nevertheless, as Glaucus came up to the dead body of Apaecides, from which the dark red stream flowed slowly over the grass, so strange and ghastly a spectacle could not fail to arrest him, benighted and erring as was his glimmering sense. He paused, placed his hand to his brow, as if to collect himself, and then saying: 'What ho! Endymion, sleepest thou so soundly? What has the moon said to thee?

We are tired of that old fashioned name, it's generally thought unsuited to the times, and behind the enlightment of the age; it's only fit for benighted Europeans. Change the name, you needn't change any thing else. What is a name? "'Every thing, says I, 'every thing, my brethren; one name belongs to a Christian, and the other don't; that's the difference.

When he had identified these objects in what benighted mind he had, he said, in a dialect that was just intelligible: "How goes it, Jacques?" "All well, Jacques." "Touch then!" They joined hands, and the man sat down on the heap of stones. "No dinner?" "Nothing but supper now," said the mender of roads, with a hungry face. "It is the fashion," growled the man. "I meet no dinner anywhere."

They satisfy, it would seem, in perfection, that mysterious instinct of devotion that inborn craving to look upward and adore, which, let false philosophy say what it will, proves the most benighted idolater to be a man, and not a brute a spirit, and not a merely natural thing. They have worshipped, and so are blest. They have hungered and thirsted after righteousness, and now they are filled.

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