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Who, with all the advantages accruing from life in a refined age, with every encouragement to pursue a better course, have deliberately chosen to court an infamous notoriety by making vice familiar and attractive.

Per was waiting at the door for him. "Perhaps you didn't hear her hymn-singing, you blockhead! But, anyhow, you saw her sitting up in bed and looking like wax? It's beastly, I tell you; it's infamous! He'd no need to go making her cry like that! I had the greatest longing to thrash him again, weak as a baby though he was. The devil what did he want to break his word for?"

Make we haste to apprehend that infamous Barlaam. If we take him, I am assured that we shall not miss the mark, nor be cheated of our hope. Barlaam himself shall be persuaded, either by persuasion or by divers engines of torture, against his will to confess that he hath been talking falsely and at random, and shall persuade my lord, thy son, to cleave to his father's creed.

Madge Scarlet did not seem to look upon the weapon as a dangerous one. "Quick! I have no time to parley. Fling down the keys toss them to the door yonder, then take your place in yonder corner. Do you hear me?" So stern was the girl's voice, so full of intense meaning, as to amaze the infamous woman who confronted her. "This is all a joke ." "It will prove a dear joke to you if you don't obey.

It was not till many ages after that men would have the word 'you, as though they were double, instead of 'thou' employed in speaking to them; and usurped the flattering titles of lordship, of eminence, and of holiness, which mere worms bestow on other worms by assuring them that they are with a most profound respect, and an infamous falsehood, their most obedient humble servants.

It has just transpired that Hsu Tung, an infamous Manchu high official, who has been the Emperor's tutor, and whose house is actually on Legation Street some fifty yards inside the lines of the Italian Legation, has been allowed to pass out of our barricaded quarter, going quite openly in his blue and red official chair. This is a terrible mistake which we may pay for dearly.

This infamous Piece of Good Breeding, which reigns among the Coxcombs of the Town, has not yet made its way into the Country; and as it is impossible for such an irrational way of Conversation to last long among a People that make any Profession of Religion, or Show of Modesty, if the Country Gentlemen get into it they will certainly be left in the Lurch.

Pioneer chronicles crowned with anathema unspeakable their small but infamous roster of white renegades, headed by the hated name of Samuel Girty; renegades who had "painted their faces and gone to the Indians!" These were the unforgivably damned!

My wife is still good looking, my eldest son is handsome, too, and my daughters are charming. There they are, all of them, opposite me; but when I look at them I see my murderers in them all." Count Strogonoff exclaimed, recoiling, horror-struck: "Some one is lying to Your Majesty! This is an infamous slander!"

V. For the definition of "infamous crime," see Chap. It is the opinion of many that this requirement of a previous indictment by a grand jury has reference only to the courts of the United States; and that the states may dispense with it. Hence, efforts are now making in some states to abolish grand juries.