You're to tell Leach," shouted Bainton, "that Miss Vancourt is mistress 'ere, and her orders is to be obeyed at the last moment! Which you might ha' understood without splittin' my throat to tell ye, if ye had a little more sense, which, lackin', 'owever, can't be 'elped. What are ye afeard of, eh?" "Mr.

"Sorry, sir," said "Pongo," "I thought as 'ow this was my dug-out. Wet, sir? Gawd! Yes, I should think I was wet," and he doubled up to show me, while a thin stream of muddy water trickled from his hair on to my letter. "'Owever, it ain't no good to grumble, an' it's better to fall in a shell hole than to 'ave a shell fall on me. I've got some 'ot tea in me own dug-out, too."

You see, before that I was sorely tempted by comrades offerin' me a glass, and by my own wish to 'ave a glass, but when I mounted the blue I was let alone, though they chaffed me now an' then, an' I felt it was no use thinkin' about it, 'owever much I might wish for it.

It bore the aspect of a somewhat forbidding prison. "Konak palace," said the keeper, breaking silence for the first time. "A konak; a palace! eh?" repeated Lancey, in surprise; "more like a jail, I should say. 'Owever, customs differ. Oos palace may it be, now?" "Pasha; Sanda Pasha," replied the man, touching a spring or bell in the wall; "you goes in."

The Rector was looking just as usual: he wasn't very long with the sick man "He ain't," she said, "like some what has a gift in prayer; but there, if we was all that way, 'owever would the chapel people get their living?" He left some money when he went away, and one of the children saw him cross the stile into the next field.

We drift into sets of people who can afford to do certain things, and we leave such a lot of people behind that we ought to have clung to, and that we would have clung to, if we hadn't been so much thinking of ourselves, or been so soddenly selfish." A rippling laugh rang through the room. "Boanerges oh, Boanerges Byng! 'Owever can you be so heloquent!"

Why didn't you try him?" "Ah! For that I shall inquire also. I shall conduct investigations in that respect as well. I am inform', 'owever, that the w'at you call jodge is seeck." "We'll look into that later. We're here now to arrange for Mr. Anthony's release." "The alcalde will be please' to accommodate at the earlies'. I myself shall see to it. To-morrow "

One is the true harticle, as is got up by our great wits and philosophers, they says, on the most approved models; but the other is nothing but a sham harticle that is really manufactured in Leaplow, and is sent out here to get hour stamp. That's all I never deceives a customer both sell well, I hear, on the other side, 'owever."

"Come here," said Cuckoo, leading the way into the sitting-room. "There there's some money for you." Mrs. Brigg pounced on it with a vulture's eagerness. "'Owever did yer " she began. But Cuckoo had rushed into the bedroom. The landlady stood with the money in her hand, and heard the key turned in the lock of the door. Now an awful loneliness, like the loneliness of the grave, fell round Cuckoo.

"'Ere, give us that canteen of 'ot water," he said quietly, "I used 'is toothbrush to grease 'is boots with yesterday didn't think 'e'd miss it, for you don't come out 'ere to wash your teeth. They 'ave got funny ways, these 'ere orficers. 'Owever," he continued as he wiped the brush dry on the sleeve of his tunic, "what the eye don't see, the 'eart don't grieve over.