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Running forward, he was delighted to see his friends Barca Gana and Boo Khaloom, but amidst the cheers with which they were endeavouring to rally their troops, and the cries of those who were falling under the Fellata spears, he could not for some time make himself heard. Then Maramy, a negro appointed by the sheik to attend upon him, rode up and took him on his own horse.

Your mother and Chet and Boo are going to have supper with Switchie and his folks. You and I are going to hunt for ourselves. Come, we will go into a part of the jungle where you have never yet been." And Nero felt very much excited when he heard his father say this. The lion cub felt brave and strong, and he knew that his teeth and claws were very sharp.

It made the deepest impression on these city men, these citizens of the world. The maids of the town with milk-pails! It was almost touching! They suddenly jumped out of their doorway and cried "Boo!" The whole troop of girls scattered instantly. They screamed and ran. Their skirts fluttered; their head cloths loosened; their milk-pails rolled about the street.

They found the lads just finishing, with Boo to help by picking up the windfalls for the cider-heap, after he had amused himself by putting about a bushel down the various holes old Bun had left behind him.

And when the big bear saw him he was so angry that he jumped from behind a tree and said, "Boo!" "Do you want to buy a tin plate?" asked the peddler, trying hard not to be frightened, "or would rather have a dishpan?" "Don't want either," said the bear with a terrible growl.

"Boo, hoo, hoo!" cried Ann, unable to speak on account of the torrents of wo that overwhelmed her. "Don't cry, little girl, and tell me what the matter is," continued the kind lady. "Boo, hoo, hoo! I fell down and broke all my candy," sobbed Ann. "Poor child!" exclaimed the sympathizing lady. "My father'll beat me because I didn't sell it," added Ann. "He is a cruel man.

Molly declared she would have a little pen, and put Boo in it, as the prize fat boy a threat which so alarmed the innocent that he ran away, and was found two or three miles from home, asleep under the wall, with two seed-cakes and a pair of socks done up in a bundle.

Thus he remained for an instant before he uttered a loud "Boo!" which was evidently intended to frighten Tarzan away; but in reality had no such effect. Tarzan did not pause. He had set out to approach and examine God and nothing upon earth might now stay his feet. Seeing that his antics had no potency with the visitor, the witch-doctor tried some new medicine.

"I'll tell you what," said Stephen, changing the subject, "it's cool cheek of them calling us `it, as if we were things." "So they have," exclaimed Paul; "oh, I say, that's too much; I'll let them know I'm not a thing." "Yes, you are a thing, isn't he, Padger? A regular it," exclaimed the vindictive Bramble. "Yah, boo, old `its, both of you."

A national song was composed on the occasion, which the following extract will show to be marked by great depth of feeling, and not devoid of poetical beauty: "Oh trust not to the gun and the sword: the spear of the unbeliever prevails! "Boo Khaloom, the good and the brave, has fallen! Fallen has he in his might! Who shall now be safe?

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