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"Now, what's the programme?" asked Evarts. "You've seen the leader?" "Yah. Ah's done see de right man. De orders am simple." "What are they?" "Misto Reade am to be killed de fust time he show himself," declared Sambo Ebony. "He to be shot down ez soon ez Ah can lay eyes on him. Maybe Ah have to shoot from ambush, but in any case he must be daid befo' de sun go down to-morrow.

There was no movement. "D'yer hear? Right about face! 'Tention!" "Well, he must have had a good wet! How did un come here?" "I d'know," said one of the men. "Take two shillin' worth o' yale to make a man like that." "Ay," said Smiler. "Know how they do it?" "Saves up," said Joey. "Yah! They don't get no money to save. I'll tell 'ee. My cousin, Billy Weekes, 'listed you all knew Billy?"

"Yah! There's no big bird," said Jem. "We was the birds, shamming so as to get away from the savages." "Then you may think yourself precious lucky you weren't shot. Come on." Mike led the way, and Don and his companions followed, the two rough followers of Mike Bannock coming behind with their guns cocked. "Pleasant that, Mas' Don," said Jem. "Like being prisoners again. But they can't shoot."

The next moment I was engaged with the pair who had trotted by my cab, and who had fastened most officiously upon mine. "You touch it again," came sharply, "and I'll let you know." "Leave the box alone," I said, "I don't want your help." "Carry it in, sir. I was fust, sir. Yah! you get out."

Dot's vot you gits for boking fun at me, yah!" And Hans smiled in spite of his anguish. It was certainly poetic justice that Fred should get seasick and that the malady should affect him far more seriously than it did Hans. The medicine given to the German lad made him feel better in less than an hour, while poor Fred suffered until noon of the next day. None of the other boys were affected.

And a little more cider too ah hoo! And a little more cider too." How much? Pailful! By George! He! he! he! That's so! You know. Them's my sentiments. 'Spresses the 'motions of my heart, bredren! Yah! yah! By hokey! And here comes Mr. Albert Charlton. Brother Albert! Just as well learn to say it now as after a while. Eh, Katy? How do, brother Albert?

"What could you do against two or three? They'd close on you." "A fellow taught to use his hands doesn't let men close on him." "Yah, yah! reckon not," chuckled Hiram. One of the farm household had evidently been won. "It seems to me," remarked smiling Sue, "that I saw several young men in town who appeared scarcely equal to carrying their canes." "Dudes?"

"Yah! Just like him!" cried Serge, angrily. "You ugly old idiot, you! Whether it's men or wolves, you always would have the last bite. Come away, stupid! Come here!" he roared again, quite oblivious of the fact that even if the distance had not prevented the dog from hearing, the noise of the horses' beating hoofs would have effectually drowned Serge's voice.

"Yah wouldn't see me break my back, an' my poor 'orse standin' there a lookin' on would ye now?" "Why don't you bring a man with you?" objected the footman, as he descended the steps notwithstanding, to give the required assistance. "I ain't paid as a crane. By Juppiter! what a weight the new party's boxes is!" "Only that one," said Mary, apologetically. "It is full of books.

"So?" she replied with a questioning inflection. "Yah; ich bin Herr Grant's bruder." "Ach, So!" she said with a downward inflection. "Ich no spick Inglish. No spick Inglis." "Ich bin durstig," he said. Leaving her pans, she went with him to the house, which was what he wanted to see. "Ich bin hier geboren." "Ach, so!"

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