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He did not go far. He listened and heard the plucky Evans groan. He came hastily in. "Courage, my fine fellow, only eight minutes more and the guinea is yours. "How many more minutes, sir?" "Eight." "Then, oh! undo me, sir, if you please." "What! forfeit the guinea for eight minutes seven, it is only seven now." "Hang the guinea, let me down, sir, if there's pity in you."

He supposed that Bert had been left behind when Mitchel advanced. His parents in Cleveland? What would they think if they were told that he was a hundred miles behind the Confederate picket lines? What a story to tell them when he returned! And Marjorie Landis? Would she realize, when the news of the raid swept over the country, that he had taken part in it? She was a plucky girl!

Ah, what a relief it was to feel myself free for a season from the attacks of the enemy to know that my plucky little Iron-Clad was engaging him! An hour later it was the same, except that the speaker had arrived at the persecutions which drove him from parish number three.

So I lifted His Majesty out of the basket and we walked on hand in hand in the darkness and the rain until the poor little feet gave out. Then the little fellow who has been wonderfully plucky throughout, indeed, more a Capet than a Bourbon snuggled up in my arms and went fast asleep, and and well, I think that's all, for here we are, you see."

Peter, very bad, poor dear. There's no doubt about that. It's hard to see what can be done for her but plucky! That's a small word for it!" "I'm sure she is," said Peter, feeling ashamed of having made so much of his own little troubles. "She must get out of London if she's to improve at all. In a week or two I hope she'll be able to move." "How's every one else?" "Oh, well enough." Mrs.

There Becknell, who was in reality a man of the then "Frontier," bold, plucky, and endowed with excellent sense, conceived the ridiculous idea of striking directly across the country for Santa Fe through a region absolutely unexplored; his excuse for this rash movement being that he desired to avoid the rough and circuitous mountain route he had travelled on his first trip to Taos.

Pull off the dog's disguise, and bring me the plucky one that captured him. He shall have absinthe enough to swim in, the little king! Off with it all, Lanchere. First, the plaster, that's right. Now, the wig and beard, and after that What's that you say? The beard is real? The hair is real? They will not come off? Name of the devil! what are you saying?" "The truth, mon roi the truth!

"No, thank you," returned Ripley, stiffly. "I've already had a telephone message sent, and my father's auto will bring out what I need." "But you youngsters will want something?" asked the driver, turning to the plucky freshmen. Dick and Dave stated their requests, Prescott adding: "But please be sure to make our parents understand that we're safe. We don't want them seared to death."

I promised Rooney! Let me go!" "No, young man. You're plucky, but pluck won't do any more. A day or two here will fix you all right. Your pulse has been up to a hundred and four. You can't stir to-day." Job was desperate. The bugle was sounding, the officers were shouting orders. Through the door of the tent and the grove of trees he could see troops forming.

Another expedition, headed by four plucky men, Burke, Wills, Grery, and King, were more lucky on their outward trip. They reached tide-water near the head of the Gulf of Carpenteria, thereby accomplishing the task. The return trip was tragic. When they had reached the relief depot at which they had planned to have supplies awaiting them, they found nothing.

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