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Then the little boy played with his toy train by himself, while Sue pretended her Teddy bear was visiting in Sue's Aunt Lu's city home and kept winking its electric-light eyes at Wopsie, a little colored girl Bunny and Sue had known in New York, where Aunt Lu lived. "Supper!" suddenly called Mother Brown, and the two hungry children hurried into the dining tent where Mr.

Then he said to himself that it was charity. He walked toward her collided suddenly with G. Reece Stoddard. "Pardon me," said Warren. But G. Reece had not stopped to apologize. He had again cut in on Bernice. That night at one o'clock Marjorie, with one hand on the electric-light switch in the hall, turned to take a last look at Bernice's sparkling eyes. "So it worked?"

HERE! She was here here in his house! "You!" he cried. "You here!" He was pressing the electric-light switch frantically, again and again. Her voice came out of the darkness from across the room: "Why are you doing that, Jimmie? You know already that I have turned off the lights." "At the sockets of course!" He laughed out the words almost hysterically.

Edison's electric-light system. To one who is unacquainted with the trying circumstances attending the introduction and marketing of patented devices, it might seem unnecessary that an inventor and his business associates should be obliged to take into account the unlawful or ostensible competition of pirates or schemers, who, in the absence of legal decision, may run a free course for a long time.

"His name," he said in fateful tones, "is Charles Cochran!" It was supposed to be a body blow; but, to his distress, Aline neither started nor turned pale. Neither, for trying to trick her, did she turn upon him in reproof and anger. Instead, with alert eyes, she continued to peer out of the window at the electric-light advertisements and her beloved Broadway.

She began to dread unspeakably passing the factories. She told herself that there was no sense in it, that it was not late, that the electric-light made it like high noon, that there was a watchman in each building, that there was nothing whatever to fear; but it was in vain. It was only by a great effort of her will that she did not turn and go back home when she reached Lloyd's.

When electricity is used for cooking, cooking utensils, methods, and recipes can be applied in the same ways as when other means of producing heat are employed. SMALL ELECTRIC UTENSILS. In addition to electric stoves, there are a number of smaller electrical cooking utensils that can be attached to an electric-light socket or a wall socket.

On either side of the road, blotting out the landscape, giant hands picked out in electric-light bulbs pointed the way to Hunter's Island Inn. Jimmie grinned and nodded toward them. "Much obliged," he called. "I got ter walk." Turning his back upon temptation, he waddled forward into the flickering heat waves. The young man did not attempt to pursue.

The earlier experiments with wireless telegraphy at Menlo Park were made at a time when Edison was greatly occupied with his electric-light interests, and it was not until the beginning of 1886 that he was able to spare the time to make a public demonstration of the system as applied to moving trains.

The hot weather has been taking it out of me horribly, and I'm not very strong. If I may sit still for five minutes and shut my eyes and think, why I'm sure I shall be a more amusing guest at supper." Logan, who had touched the electric-light switch inside the door, stood on the threshold, barring the way. Win did not try to push past him, nor did she show any impatience, nor even eagerness.