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"Be sure it is forget-me-nots, you know. Don't mix up the language of flowers, and send him one that says: 'I'm off with a handsomer man, or, You needn't come round any more!" "Oh, Ezra, Eleanor is really getting quite worked up!" "So am I!" "Wouldn't it be perfectly splendid if Switch off quick, here's aunt coming!" "Mayn't I even say I love you?" "I daren't say it back, Ezra she's calling."

Francis Church sinners, saints and merchants may travel its way Portsmouth Square, Telegraph Hill, Little Italy, Russian Hill, Automobile Row, Fillmore street, the Presidio and I expect with a little coaxing it would switch about and run over to the Mission. It has actually been known on stormy nights to take its constituents up the side streets to their very doors.

We both stood staring; while he talked, the light had blinked out like snapping an electric switch. And that was strange because camp fires take a little time in the dying. I stepped inside the tent, fumbled for the field glasses and came out, adjusting the night focus. Casey's squat, powerful form stood perfectly still where I had left him, his face turned toward the mountain.

The appeal was wasted. Deerfoot took his station between the brothers, moving them apart so they were separated by a space of five or six feet. He then deliberately, vigorously and impartially laid the switch over the shoulders of George and Victor. You would not suspect the vim with which this disciplining was carried out. Only the brothers themselves could testify feelingly as to that.

No. 10 slowed down as she backed on to the main track, and as Murphy threw the switch she stopped and then moved forward. Stevens waited for Murphy, who left the switch open and climbed into the cab. Then with a clear track before her No. 10 went tearing down the long grade as fast as her dumpy little drivers would carry her.

When you let go make as little noise as you can. I'm going to turn the lights out, fellows, so don't go messing about or you may walk overboard. Switch them all off below, Ossie, will you? If those chaps have anchored just inside the breakwater there's no sense in letting them know that this is the Adventurer. Got your anchor ready, Han?" "Ay, ay, sir!" "All right. Don't let your windlass rattle.

Ishie groaned, depressed the cutoff switch and turned to Mike. "You fixed it," he said. "If a simple question like that gets an answer like that, how long do you think it will take the captain to find out something's wrong with the Cow?" Mike lunged for the switch, but Ishie held him back. "Hold it, Boy. You've made enough electronic mistakes for one day. This takes some thinking over."

A good appetite and sweet repose!" She touched her splendid horse with a switch, and next moment was flying over the Pampas at a pace that rendered pursuit useless. Dismounting and fastening her steed to a tree, she passed through the garden towards the house, and naturally, as we have seen, came upon Lawrence. "Manuela!" he exclaimed. "Si, senhor," she replied.

I paint the compound on them, and switch the current on through this battery." "Ah, yes," agreed the Baron dreamily. "The compound that has to be painted on." The thin face of the inventor turned upon him; the great eyes smoldered. "Yes," was the answer; "yes. I, I paint it on enough for three or four demonstrations, and then I throw the rest into the lake. So my secret is safe, you see."

It not only tells you, it warmly persuades you. It doesn't just say, 'Turn on the TV Channel Two, Joyce program, it brills at you, 'Kid, Old Kid, race for the TV and flip that Two Switch! There's a great show coming through the pipes this second plus ten you'll enjoy the hell out of yourself! Grab a ticket to ecstasy!"