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Lilian addressed herself conscientiously to the subject, but it did not really interest her; she had no personal knowledge of Irish hardships, and was wearied by the endless Parliamentary debate. Her thoughts still busied themselves with the hopeful project for smoothing Mrs. Wade's path in life. When the carriage came for her, she took her leave with regret, but full of happy imaginings.

This passage shows how much my father was wont to trust to first impressions, and even more on the moral than on the material side. He recognized a truth in the first touch the first thought which he was wary of meddling with afterwards, contenting himself with slightly developing it now and then, and smoothing a little the form and manner of its presentation.

Talbot, after smoothing the head of his largest hound for some minutes, had leant back in his chair and dropped asleep.

Meyerburg breathed outward in a sigh and sat down hesitant on the bed edge, her hand reaching out to the bare white shoulder and smoothing its high luster. "Come, Becky, and get up like a good girl. Don't you want, baby, to come over by mamma's room and see the plans for the Memorial?" "No! No! No!" "They got to be sent back to-day, Becky, before Goldfinger leaves for Boston with them.

The Rector went back to the hearthrug when his wife left the room, but in the heat of his own personal reflections he did not say anything to Elsworthy, who still stood smoothing his hat in his hand.

To achieve the greater efficiency and economy which the Committee analyses show to be possible, I ask the Congress to extend the present Government Reorganization Act for a period of 18 months or 2 years beyond its expiration date of April 1, 1953. There is more involved here than realigning the wheels and smoothing the gears of administrative machinery.

What did he take?" Agitated within by Winifred's news, and goaded by the constant reiteration of this jeremiad, Emily said calmly: "He took Winifred's pearls and a dancer." "What!" said James, and sat down. His sudden collapse alarmed her, and smoothing his forehead, she said: "Now, don't fuss, James!" A dusky red had spread over James' cheeks and forehead.

Then she sauntered listlessly about the little room in performance of those trivial, aimless offices, entirely feminine, such as opening all the drawers in her clothes-press, smoothing out various frilly objects and fabrics, investigating a little gilded box and thoughtfully inspecting its contents, which consisted of hair-pins.

'But why? she exclaimed. 'Why should you want putting in a pinafore? 'I don't, he laughed. On the top of the cliff they were between two bays, with darkening blue water on the left, and on the right gold water smoothing to the sun. Siegmund seemed to stand waist-deep in shadow, with his face bright and glowing. He was watching earnestly. 'I want to absorb it all, he said.

In like manner birds perceive the approach of rain, and are all busy oiling and smoothing their feathers in preparation for it; and then, before the clouds break away, they come out from their retreats and joyfully hail the return of fair weather. So, by some analogous sense, the birds of passage are informed of the approach of winter and the return of spring.