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Doubtless there is an older and better hero-worship than this. But the old hero was a being who, like Achilles, was more human than humanity itself. Nietzsche's Superman is cold and friendless. Achilles is so foolishly fond of his friend that he slaughters armies in the agony of his bereavement. Mr. Shaw's sad Caesar says in his desolate pride, "He who has never hoped can never despair."

But concerning this we need not dilate, as it has often been duly remarked upon, and notably by Carlyle, in his "Lectures on Hero-Worship." Who that has once heard the wail of unutterable despair sounding in the line "Ahi, dura terra, perche non t' apristi?" can rest satisfied with the interpretation "Ah, obdurate earth, wherefore didst thou not open?" yet this rendering is literally exact.

Mr Lupex seldom joined that festive board, but on this occasion he was present, appearing from his voice and manner to be in high good-humour. Cradell had communicated to the company in the drawing-room the great good fortune which had fallen upon his friend, and Johnny had thereby become the mark of a certain amount of hero-worship. "Oh, indeed!" said Mrs Roper.

The emptiness of her existence; the lack of outlet for her affections; the endless monotony; and then the sudden new interest and food for the starved emotions; the hero-worship that is latent in us all; and then good heavens! for a touch of poetry, of romance in her life, she would have been ready to believe in the professions of the devil himself and this man was a very good understudy for the devil!

She must tell Samson: Samson, whom she held in an artless exaltation of hero-worship; Samson, who was so "smart" that he thought about things beyond her understanding; Samson, who could not only read and write, but speculate on problematical matters. Suddenly she came to her feet with a swift-darting impulse of alarm. Her ear had caught a sound.

It we are weaker than he, that is no reason why we should be weaker than ourselves. If we are not tall enough to touch the giant's knees, that is no reason why we should become shorter by falling on our own. But that is at bottom the meaning of all modern hero-worship and celebration of the Strong Man, the Caesar the Superman. That he may be something more than man, we must be something less.

As she let the ether drip, nervously trying to keep the rhythm that Kennicott had indicated, Carol stared at her husband with the abandon of hero-worship. He shook his head. "Bad light bad light. Here, Mrs. Morgenroth, you stand right here and hold this lamp. Hier, und dieses dieses lamp halten so!" By that streaky glimmer he worked, swiftly, at ease. The room was still.

Poor Dermot, I could see hero-worship growing in his eyes, as they talked about horses, endlessly as men can and do talk of them, and diligent inquiries elicited from Harold what things he had done with the unbroken animal in Australia. I went off the scene at once, but when I returned to luncheon they were at it still.

We are ever apt to think too much of our visible weapons and leaders, and to forget our unseen and ever- present Commander, from whom comes all our power. The Church has always been prone to hero-worship, and to the idolatry of its organisation, its methods, or its theology.

In fact, it soon became apparent that Corsica was too small a sphere for natures so able and masterful as those of Paoli and Napoleon Buonaparte. The first meeting of these two men must have been a scene of deep interest. It was on the fatal field of Ponte Nuovo. Napoleon doubtless came there in the spirit of true hero-worship.