The chauffeur rose to his full height in the car and bellowed: "Zerbst! Zerbst! Zerbst!" No answer came to the call; no one came from the path to the knoll. In three minutes the archduke was grinding his teeth in a black fury. Then with an air of inspiration he cried: "I shout you shout all ad vonce!" "Every little 'elps," said the chauffeur politely.

Or, at any rate, that was my feeling; every note she uttered was melodiously kind, but every sentence was an arrow sent home. "You make me," she said, "you make me sink of se aunt of my musser, vhat she said to my musser vhen my musser iss getting married. 'Senda, she said, 'vonce in a vhile' is sat right, 'vonce in a vhile? so?

You know vell zat I vill die if need be for zee Rajah. Ve must all die vonce, at least, and I should like to die if I must die in a goot cause. What cause better zan frondship? But you say joost now zere is no dancher. Vell, I vill go ant see zee bootterflies to-morrow. After zat, I will go ant die if it must be with zee!"

"You haf not considair how my Yiddish shall make kindle every heart, strike tears from every eye, as Moses did from de rock." "I have. I know. But what am I to do?" "Jus dis leedle favor; and I vill be gradeful to you all mine life." "You know I would if I could." Pinchas's finger was laid more insistently on his nose. "Just dis vonce.

"Vell, vell! and I licked you fer hookin' apples off me vonce aind dot right?" Mart grinned. "I reckon that's so. I said I'd cut you in two when I grew up; all boys say such things, but I reckon your whalin' did me good. But what I want to know is this, can you tell me where to find the old man?" "Your fader? He's in Brooklyn so I heart. I don't know. My, my! he'll be clad to see you "

His vife she needed a change as much as he, vat with not being able to get into any good hotels in the summer time and not being able to keep out of them in the vinter time, she vas nearly distracted. No, I vas selfish. My vife she vas selfish too, and him her own brother. Vy shouldn't he haf a vacation vonce in awhile?" He turned abruptly to the sailor who lounged near the perspiring Percival.

'vonce in a vhile your Rudolph going to see a voman he better had married san you. Sen he going to fall a little vay maybe a good vay in love viss her; and sen if Rudolph iss a scoundtrel, or if you iss a fool, sare be trouble.

"They're going to discover, sir, that they simply can't do it. Gridley never goes onto any field to get beaten." "Und dot isn't brag, neider," broke in a man who had halted to listen. "Ven dese young men pack deir togs to go away, dey pack der winning score in der bag, too. Ach! Don't I know dot? Don't I make mineself young vonce more by following dese young athletes about?"

"Not now, at least, Dr. Englehart." "Permit me, then, to feel your pulse vonce more. I shall determine den more perfectly dis vexing subject of your sanity." "Thank you; I decline your opinion on a matter so little open to difference. Be good enough to retire. Dr. Englehart. Let me at least breathe freely in the solitude to which I am consigned."

A loud cheer greeted the arrival of the prisoners, and looks of considerable discomfort began to be evinced by the Indians. "Glad to see you, friends," said Cameron, as they came up. "Ve is 'appy ov de same," replied Henri, swaggering up in the joviality of his heart, and seizing the trader's hand in his own enormous fist. "Shall ve go to york an' slay dem all at vonce, or von at a time?"