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However advantageous the custom of living in large families may appear when regarded from the economic point of view, it has very serious defects, both theoretical and practical. That families connected by the ties of blood-relationship and marriage can easily live together in harmony is one of those social axioms which are accepted universally and believed by nobody.

Even H.G. Wells admits these estimates "rest nearly always upon theoretical assumptions of the slenderest kind." This is undoubtedly true of the reckless estimates of evolutionists, whose theory requires such an enormous length of time that science can not concede it. Prof.

The discrimination, however, made in the treatment of the theoretical and practical denial of the gods is certainly not due merely to consideration of the more or less isolated occurrence of the phenomenon; it is rooted at the same time in the very nature of ancient religion.

One of the most subtle and suggestive of living thinkers, M. Jules de Gaultier, in several of his books, and notably in La Dépendance de la Morale et l'Indépendance des Moeurs , has analyzed the conception of morals in a somewhat similar sense. Practical morality is thus the solid natural fact which forms the biological basis of theoretical morality, whether traditional or ideal.

That is very well; go through the several chambers of the parliament, and see and hear what they are doing; join practice and observation to your theoretical knowledge of their rights and privileges. No Englishman has the least notion of them. I need not recommend you to go to the bottom of the constitutional and political knowledge of countries; for Mr.

The teachers are encouraged to make education less theoretical and more practical; the preachers are urged to preach to our people less of the dying religion and more of the living religion.

All the work would be lost unless a fresh supply could be obtained; the ruling fiction of a new Noachian deluge might prove a deadly reality instead of, as now, a theoretical contingency under conditions which engineering skill might avert.

"Your Parliament may make barricades," Lord Chesterfield had remarked contemptuously to Montesquieu, "it will never raise barriers." Up to that time the attacks had been cautious and purely theoretical.

Until he could reload, only the tradition of the sexes lent him theoretical superiority; whereas he was in fact a man well on the thither side of middle-age, his virility sapped by long indulgence of unbridled appetites; while Sofia was a woman in the fullest flush of her first mature powers.

You watched by the marshy pool, and caught the 'peeper' in the act, took him 'in flagrante, delicto, as the lawyers say, and thus ended the theoretical discussion about the 'peepers. You placed another fixed fact upon the page of natural history.

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