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'On a les defauts de ses qualites, put in Lady Merrifield. 'Yes, added Mr. Underwood. 'It is quite true that needful self- assertion and originality, and sense of the evils around 'Which the old folk have outgrown and got used to, said Lord Rotherwood. 'May be condemned as conceit, concluded Mr. Underwood.

Malcolm saw little of his hostesses the next day. Elizabeth spent the greater part of the day at Rotherwood, and Dinah was busy with her household duties. He and Cedric played tennis the most of the morning.

That was the way I came to know about it, for papa took me out for a drive in the old gig to ask what I thought about her heart, and I could truly and honestly say she had never found it, cared for Rotherwood just as she did for Reggie, and was not the sort to think whether a man was attentive to her. Besides, she was eighteen, and he thirty-one, and she thought him venerable.

But these subjects did not interest him near so much as his own private affairs; and I can fancy that his legs trembled under him, and his pilgrim's staff shook with emotion, as at length, after many perils, he came in sight of his paternal mansion of Rotherwood, and saw once more the chimneys smoking, the shadows of the oaks over the grass in the sunset, and the rooks winging over the trees.

In the course of the afternoon Lord Rotherwood and Florence called, to see Eleanor, inquire after Ada, and make the final arrangements for going to a morning concert at Raynham the next day. Lady Rotherwood was afraid of the fatigue, and Florence therefore wished to accompany her cousins, who, as Eleanor meant to stay at home, were to be under Mrs. Weston's protection.

He's been dining with his partners -the old White, I mean -and they've been cramming him -I imagine with a view to scapegoat treatment -jealousy, and all the rest of it. If there is not a dismissal, there's a hovering on the verge. 'Exactly what I was afraid of, said Jane. 'Oh, Rotherwood, I could tell you volumes. But may I not come down with you? Could not I do something?

She only avowed to Anna that it was very warm, weary weather, and that she was tired of absence, and felt homesick, but Aunt Cherry was so kind that she must not be told. Lady Rotherwood proposed moving away, but her husband and son would not hear of it till their font was finished. It was not unwelcome to any one of the elder ladies that the young officer's leave would be over in another week.

'I don't think I can go there again, said Gillian, 'after what she said about you. 'Nonsense! said her mother. 'Don't be as bad as Constance in trying to make me angry by telling me all poor Dolly's grumblings. 'Follow your mother's example, Gillian, said Lord Rotherwood, 'and, if possible, never hear, certainly never attend to, what any one says of you behind your back.

"There seems to be no other chance of saving this place from board schools. Two thousand pounds have to be raised, and though Lord Rotherwood and Mr. White, the chief owners of property, have done, and will do, much, there still remains greater need than a fleeting population like this can be expected to supply, and Clement thinks that a bazaar is quite justifiable in such a case."

'We will leave them to discuss their water-works at their ease. Certainly residence abroad is an excellent education. 'A very superior man, said Adeline. 'Those self-made men always are. 'In the nature of things, added Miss Mohun, 'or they would not have mounted. 'It is the appendages that are distressing, said Lady Rotherwood, 'and they seldom come in one's way.