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The Grouch never would break up any Happy Homes. And it was predicted that he would never get a Wife unless he took her on a Mortgage. Every Husband has a few Friends who come in for hard Raps from the Wife. And the Grouch got all that was coming to him. She used to declare up and down that she was going to break his Plate and revoke his License.

It is to be observed, however, that even where gifts have been completely executed we have by our constitution under certain circumstances enabled donors to revoke them, but only on proof of ingratitude on the part of the recipient of the bounty; the aim of this reservation being to protect persons, who have given their property to others, from suffering at the hands of the latter injury or loss in any of the modes detailed in our constitution.

SQUIRE. "There, I trump it! pick up the trick, Mrs. PARSON. "Stop! Stop! trump my diamond?" "'Trick turned; play on, Squire." SQUIRE. "The king of diamonds." MRS. HAZELDEAN. "Lord! Hazeldean, why, that's the most barefaced revoke, ha, ha, ha! trump the queen of diamonds and play out the king! well, I never! ha, ha, ha!" "Ha, ha, ha!" SQUIRE. "Ho, ho, ho! bless my soul! ho, ho, ho!" "Ho, ho, ho!"

"If I were to leave the town I should become accessory to your injustice! I will not obey, but since you mention the king's name, I will go to his majesty at once, and he will deny your words or revoke the unjust order you have given me with such publicity." "Pray, does not the king possess the power to make you go?" "Yes, by force, but not by justice.

But if the grant be not inconsistent with any exercise of the powers of Congress, then, certainly, Congress has no authority to revoke or annul it. Such an act of Congress, therefore, would be either unconstitutional or supererogatory. The laws of Congress need no non obstante clause. The Constitution makes them supreme, when State laws come into opposition to them.

Clark set out with four men to the Enesher village at the grand falls in order to make a further attempt to procure horses. these people are very faithless in their contracts. they frequently receive the merchandize in exchange for their horses and after some hours insist on some additional article being given them or revoke the exchange. they have pilfered several small articles from us this evening. I directed the horses to be hubbled & suffered to graize at a little distance from our camp under the immediate eye of the men who had them in charge. one of the men Willard was negligent in his attention to his horse and suffered it to ramble off; it was not to be found when I ordered the others to be brought up and confined to the picquits. this in addition to the other difficulties under which I laboured was truly provoking.

They should be interested as much as possible in the affairs of the school, and led to take an active part in carrying them forward; though they should, all the time, distinctly understand that it is only delegated power which they exercise, and that the teacher can, at any time, revoke what he has granted, and alter or annul at pleasure any of their decisions.

He felt that M. Patterson would not revoke his decision; and indeed he wrote him several imploring letters, in vain. Yet never had his need of money been so urgent.

Then, raising his eyes to heaven, his lips moved as if he prayed inly. Pausing, he stretched his hands over his son's head, and averting his face, said, "I revoke the curse. Pray to thy God for pardon." Perhaps not daring to trust himself further, he then made a violent effort and hurried from the room. We followed silently.

I am in sound bodily and mental health, and there is no previous will to revoke." That's all right. Damn the pen!

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