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A logical outcome of this was the foundation of the festival of Corpus Christi for the special celebration of the sacramental mystery. This was first introduced in the bishopric of Liege in response to the vision of a certain nun.

"And should have been obeyed, good my liege," replied Leicester, "had they been expressed in the form of the lightest wish.

This very day he had again been over to Liége, had paid a second visit to the convent, and had made inquiries of every person who probably or improbably might have had news of her, but with no more result than before; and now, as he walked up and down the Place Royale, he was debating in his own mind whether he could take any further steps in the matter, or whether it must not rather now be left to time and chance to discover her hiding-place.

There had already been a good deal of jealousy upon the part of the Continental troops of the honour gained by the British in being first in at the breaches of Venloo and Liege, and this feeling was now much embittered. Duels between the officers became matters of frequent occurrence, in spite of the strict orders issued against that practice.

"It has been done by no men-at-arms, my liege," the messenger said; "but as Forfar was taken by Phillip the Forester and his mates, so has Linlithgow been captured by a farmer and his comrades, one William Bunnock." It was indeed true.

Now it happened that from the level that Jemmy looked up from to his wife's face, her inharmonious features were all in harmony, and thus did she appear what is very advantageous in the marriage state perfection to her husband, without sufficient charms in the eyes of others to induce them to seduce her from her liege lord.

What more would you have, old war-dog? Wouldst be in two battles at once?" "I would be at your side, my liege, when the lion banner is in the wind once more. I have ever been there. Why should you cast me now? I ask little, dear lord a galley, a balinger, even a pinnace, so that I may only be there." "Nay, John, you shall come. I cannot find it in my heart to say you nay.

But one gem remains: the wonderful Hôtel de Ville, type of the Renaissance spirit in Flanders. Liége may be laid in ruins, but the memory of what it was can never die: Athens in death is nobler far Than breathing cities of the West;

Here is a bonny spot of work, and me alone, and on foot too!" he added, bustling to get upon his horse. "Forgive me that I interrupt you, my liege," said Nigel, placing himself between the king and his steed; "hear me but a moment!" "I'll hear ye best on horseback," said the king.

He told us that the duke had made a treaty with the king, who had visited him, news that filled us with astonishment.... After skirmishing for several days we reached the faubourgs of Liege and remained there three of four days under arms, with no sleep and little food, and our horses standing in the rain with no shelter but the trees.