The latter, having deposited his hat under his seat and tapped several pockets, produced a letter, which he unfolded and handed to Polly with a broad grin. It was from his daughter, and contained the news of his wife's death. "Died o' the grumbles, I lay you! An' the first good turn she ever done me."

There is the man who honestly attacks what is really wrong for the sake of making it right, and there is the man who instinctively grumbles at everything for the mere sake of growling. The former class is as useful as the latter is tiresome, and if we must growl, by all means let us find out some real grievance to attack.

Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes danced about the room and cried, "Grandpa Grumbles, do tell us the story of the Toy Shop!" Grandpa Grumbles came upstairs leaning on his green cotton umbrella. He coughed six times and then he sat down in the rocking-chair by the Window. He said, "The story of the Toy Shop begins with a question."

Leech's pieces: his admirable actors use them with perfect naturalness. Look at Betty, putting the urn down; at cook, laying her hands on the kitchen table, whilst her policeman grumbles at the cold meat. They are cook's and housemaid's hands without mistake, and not without a certain beauty too. The bald old lady, who is tying her bonnet at Tongs's, has hands which you see are trembling.

Bushy-Tail cried out as loud as he could, "Oh, Grandpa Grumbles, we are going down into the lake! Look out, look out! We shall be drowned!" Grandpa Grumbles shouted, "Speak a little louder, please, Shall we sail above the trees?" Bushy-Tail got so excited he did not know what he was doing. He got right out of the umbrella and went splash, dash, into the lake.

There was a murmur of grumbles from the men, that seemed to be echoed by the elephant, which went on swinging its head up and down as if it were balanced on a spring. But no one stirred. "Do you hear me?" cried the proprietor, his highly pitched voice growing quite shrill. "Here, I shall have no end of damages to pay for what he's doing.

"Yes, bwana." "And if any man grumbles, or if any man objects even one word to what I do or where I go, bring him to me at once. Understand?" "Yes, bwana." "Bassi." "What is it you intend to do now?" asked the Leopard Woman curiously. "Go back, of course." "Back where?" "To M'tela." She gasped. "But you cannot do that! You have not considered; you have not thought." He shrugged his shoulders.

'Why could they not dance in the day-time? not when all respectable leaves and flowers were sleeping! making such a noise, especially that mischievous Puck! And, unfortunately, he grew on the branch nearest to the Aspen, and his constant grumbles made them quiver with sorrow and pain at such incessant complainings.

She heaved another sigh. "His regiment or rather the second battalion, to which he belongs was ordered down to Plymouth last January, and since then has been occupied with drill and petty irritating duties at which he grumbles sorely though I believe there is a prospect of their being ordered out to Portugal before long." "You see him often?" I asked. She seemed to pause a moment.

It is an alarming enterprise. Not only does he run a considerable risk of making himself absurd, he may make a formidable and contemptuous enemy as well. "On ne peut pas me laisser tranquille!" grumbles Derain; to which the only reply I can think of is "on ne peut pas." Derain is now the greatest power amongst young French painters.