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And then Miss Mimy pulled out a stocking without beginning or end, and began to knit as fast as she could rattle, after she 'd fixed one needle in a chicken-bone, and pinned the chicken-bone to her side.

I am sorry to say, that when Wishie had devoured the chicken-bone, she did not seem half so much ashamed of her selfish conduct as she ought to have been; but, seeing a fine plump little sparrow perch himself upon the branch of an old tree near, she sprung up the stem after him. Now it was really very greedy of her, but however she did it, and some wonderful things happened in consequence.

In some cases penetration of the esophagus allows the further penetration of some neighboring membrane or organ in the same manner as the foregoing cases. Dudley mentions a case in which fatal hemorrhage was caused by penetration of the esophagus and lung by a chicken-bone. Buist speaks of a patient who swallowed two artificial teeth.

Some poor fellow whom you address while choking with that chicken-bone, and who therefore didn't precisely understand what you were talking about. Throw the ignoratio elenchi in his teeth, and, at once, you have him annihilated. The anemone, with great brilliancy, has no smell. This will be sure and cut him to the heart. He can do nothing but roll over and die. Will you be kind enough to write?

He winked at me, and, peering into his microscope, I saw my diagnosis more than confirmed. There were scores of the little beasts curled up and burrowing in the speck of tissue. The unhappy patient died that week. We had our specialties in this contest of wits. One was distinguished as a sleuth. He fed on detective mysteries as a cat on a chicken-bone.

"He hed a chicken-bone acrost his throat," said his father. "No wonder he coughed." Solomon rose and went out into the black night, so black that he could not distinguish the sky from the earth, or the unobstructed air from the dense forest around. He walked about blindly, dragging something heavily after him. The weight of concealment it was. He knew something that nobody knew besides.

The others assented, and the puppy was solemnly informed of the fact, and received a chicken-bone in honor of the occasion. Then the three friends ate their dinner, and very merry they were over it. Hildegarde crowned Pink with the pine-tassel wreath, and declared that she looked like a priestess of Diana.

She loved him devotedly, but he was so ugly, with his sunken eyes and his 'fidgets, that she hid him away from people. All the dainties she brought down from the Big House were for the blind child, and she beat and cuffed her other children whenever she found them teasing him or trying to get his chicken-bone away from him.

All live at its cost, all share in its feast, and afterwards there is no worse country than the Philippines, there is no government more imperfect. Let us then dedicate the pansit to the country and to the government." "Agreed!" many exclaimed. "I protest!" cried Isagani. "Respect for the weaker, respect for the victims," called Pecson in a hollow voice, waving a chicken-bone in the air.

But whenever illusion wavered, L'Olonnois saved the day by resuming his stern scowl, even above a chicken-bone. His facility in rolling speech I discovered to be, in part, attributable to a volume which I saw protruding from his pocket. I knew it well. Indeed, I now arose, and passing to my bookshelves, drew down a duplicate copy of that rare volume, recounting the deeds of the old buccaneers.