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At all events, their fire burned merrily from morning till night, and pretty late into the evening, and they had a fine run of custom; the commodity being simply dough, cut into squares or rhomboids, and thrown into the boiling oil, which quickly turned them to a light brown color. I sent J to buy some, and, tasting one, it resembled an unspeakably bad doughnut, without any sweetening.

You'll find political halos, bub, when you get too near to 'em, something like restaurant doughnuts holes surrounded by poor cooking. Better keep away a spell. That's why I'm not going to tell you where we're going not just now. I might go to cracking up the man too much. I'll let you build your own halo for him and then maybe you can eat your own cooking, provided you find the halo a doughnut."

It was not many miles from Dyer's Hollow that Thoreau fell in with the old wrecker, "a regular Cape Cod man," of whom he says that "he looked as if he sometimes saw a doughnut, but never descended to comfort." Quite otherwise was it with my wise-hearted agricultural economists; and quite otherwise shall it be with me, also, who mean to profit by their example.

"Peggy," I said, "what has Charles Edward gone to New York for? Do you know?" Peggy wound a big doughnut spinning around her engagement finger and made no reply. "If it has anything to do with you and Harry Goward, you must tell me, Peggy. You must tell me instantly." Peggy put a doughnut on her wedding finger and observed, with pained perplexity, that it would not spin, but stuck.

Her damp curls, clinging to her head and her eyes a little heavy with heat and weariness after her morning of play, made her look scarcely older than Patience. Kent wouldn't confess, even to himself, how fond he was of Lydia. "Here," he said gruffly. "I can't eat this sandwich. Mother made me too many. And here's a doughnut." "Thanks, Kent," said Lydia meekly.

Grimsby sipped the wine, and bit off a piece of his doughnut before replying. Then he looked at his hostess in a quizzical manner. "Don't you know my business, madame?" "I am afraid not, Gabriel, as you have been at so many different things during the last few years. I hope you have settled down to something steady for the sake of your family, at least."

And then I felt that somebody else was in the water close by me, holding me up. He had followed me, and jumped in to save me. "Somebody threw a thing like a big, white doughnut at us, and he made me put my arms through the hole. Then the ferry-boat backed, and they pulled us on board.

No longer did the fresh, greasy doughnut and the cooling lemonade grace the forlorn little counter. "No, I won't!" Pepsy said, tossing those red braids. "I won't eat the things because we started here and I love them, so there!" "If you love them I should think you'd want to eat them," said Pee-wee. "That shows how much you know about logic."

"Very fine!" he exclaimed, with a quick glance at his wife. "It is a doughnut, I presume." "Doughnuts are not to be despised when they are given to express affection," she answered, gravely. "Well," he said, laying the package on his knees, "I'll see what else there is. I may find a solitary raisin enveloped in a pound or two of paper." "Oh, papa, you're too funny!" shouted Bertie.

And she had not looked into the doughnut jar indeed, she was so upset by supper time that, had she looked, she would not have missed the doughnuts. For the same reason Ole did not miss his blanket. Ole had not been near his bed; he was out riding and searching and calling through the coulee and up toward the old Denson place.