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Although delighted at this proof that he was occupying her thoughts, McElvina had the delicacy to retire unperceived, and Susan, as if recollecting herself, slightly coloured, as she twisted up the paper and threw it under the grate; in doing which, she perceived McElvina, who still remained at the door.

"They are a new-married couple, ma'am, and their name is McElvina," said the one. "The lady is a Mrs Rainscourt, and the young lady is her daughter, and a great heiress," whispered the other. "They have purchased the hunting box close to the Hall, and are going there now," said the first. "They live at the great park, close to where you are going, ma'am," said the second.

I will `be honest, with you," continued McElvina to the Guernseyman, when they were out of hearing of the boatswain and the rest; "and confess that, although I wish you well, I was not pleased at meeting with you here. You addressed me as Captain McElvina that title has long been dropped.

I did once confide to you the secret of my former life, and will own, what I little imagined at the time, that I have in consequence put it into your power to do me serious injury. You must now listen to me, while I give you a sketch of my memoirs, from the time that we parted at Cherbourg." McElvina then entered into a short history of what the reader is acquainted with.

The property which McElvina went over to examine, suited him both in price and in situation; and having consulted his wife, who cordially acquiesced in his view, he wrote to Mr Rainscourt's agent, requesting him to conclude the purchase. Rainscourt now determined upon making his last effort for a resumption of marital rights.

Thus it was with Emily, who reached the stile, clambered over it with difficulty, and attaining the house of McElvina, which was but a few yards distant, felt that her powers failed her as soon as exertion was no longer required.

"Susan!" said McElvina, who had risen from his chair to receive her, as soon as he heard her footsteps, "I have much to say to you, and I must be as brief as I can, for my mind is in too agitated a state to bear with much temporising. Do me the favour to take a chair, and listen while I make you acquainted with what you do not know."

The vicar and McElvina looked at him and each other in dismay; but their astonishment was not to last. The door burst open, and the frantic and shrieking Emily flew into the room, exclaiming, "They have murdered him Oh, God! they have poisoned him. My father my father how could you do it?" continued the girl, as she sank without animation on the floor.

It is true, if it had contained hundreds, that, in his distressed circumstances, the temptation might have been too strong; but this remark by no means disproves the assertion, that he had the inclination to be honest. "There is a tide in the affairs of men," and it was on this decision between retaining or returning the pocket-book that depended the future misery or welfare of McElvina.

The information received from McElvina, which induced Captain M not to anchor, was relative to a French frigate of the largest class, that he had great hopes of falling in with. She was lying in the harbour of Brest, waiting for a detachment of troops which had been ordered to embark, when she was to sail for Rochefort, to join a squadron intended to make a descent upon some of our colonies.